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1611116110France94–96. Barrel sample. Big and ripe, this is a powerful wine with 78% Cabernet Sauvignon, giving the wine a solid, dusty structure but also delicious fruit. Finishes with a touch of chocolate at the end.Barrel Sample95BordeauxSaint-EstèpheRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Calon Ségur 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Estèphe)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Calon Ségur
1611216111France94–96. Barrel sample. Big and rich with lots of chocolate and ripe black-plum fruits, this is a very structured wine, showing some extraction but also spice and sweet tannins. Powerful, but with a finish that is like a cool breeze.Barrel Sample95BordeauxSaint-EstèpheRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Cos d'Estournel 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Estèphe)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Cos d'Estournel
1611316112France94–96. Barrel sample. This is a glamorous wine with acidity and structure surrounded by a ripe fruit character. The palate is powerful, and already quite complex, with both great fruitiness and a solid feel.Barrel Sample95BordeauxSaint-JulienRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Ducru Beaucaillou 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Julien)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Ducru Beaucaillou
1611416113France94–96. Barrel sample. This is a big, powerful, fruity wine that has restraint from its dense tannins. It's foursquare, chunky in character, already balanced, the tannins merging with the acidity. There is great aging potential.Barrel Sample95BordeauxSaint-EstèpheRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Montrose 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Estèphe)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Montrose
1611516114France94–96. Barrel sample. Firmly tannic in character, this wine is dry and extracted. There's potential for this powerful, impressive wine to bear the wine's very dry character with the weight of its fruit.Barrel Sample95BordeauxSaint-JulienRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Léoville Barton 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Julien)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Léoville Barton
1611616115France94–96. Barrel sample. Intense black currant fruitiness makes this wine unabashedly forward. The palate bears weighty tannins behind that fruit, resulting in a wine that is already quite balanced and structured.Barrel Sample95BordeauxPauillacRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande 2012 Barrel Sample (Pauillac)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande
1611716116France94–96. Barrel sample. This very ripe, full-bodied wine is powered by sweet blackberries and solid tannins. It is a full, concentrated and complex wine that has a great future.Barrel Sample95150BordeauxSaint-JulienRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Léoville Poyferré 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Julien)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Léoville Poyferré
1611816117France93–95. Barrel sample. While fully ripe on the palate, this wine also boasts acidity and a black-currant freshness. It shows the quality of Cabernet from Pauillac in 2012.Barrel Sample94BordeauxPauillacRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Clerc Milon 2012 Barrel Sample (Pauillac)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Clerc Milon
1611916118France93–95. Barrel sample. Concentration is the name of the game with this dark and intense wine. It has power and a structure that is finely tannic and dusty, with bright fruits suspended within. The aftertaste shows fine, bright acidity.Barrel Sample94BordeauxPauillacRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Haut Bages Libéral 2012 Barrel Sample (Pauillac)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Haut Bages Libéral
1612016119France93–95. Barrel sample. Already a beautiful wine, this is showing fine, sweet fruits along with a solid structure. The palate is juicy and fruity with new wood flavors showing through. The aftertaste is full of the fresh aspect of the vintage.Barrel Sample94BordeauxSaint-JulienRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Lagrange 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Julien)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Lagrange
1612116120France93–95. Barrel sample. Comprised of 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, this is a densely ripe wine, full of black fruits, smoky wood and generous tannins. Given its structure, the wine will obviously age well, even if it is drinkable in the medium term.Barrel Sample94BordeauxPauillacRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Pichon Longueville 2012 Barrel Sample (Pauillac)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Pichon Longueville
1612216121France93–95. Barrel sample. This is a solid effort that showcases both great blackberry fruit and sweet tannins right at the forefront. There is also fine acidity and a layer of wood that gives a dry, firm, age-worthy aftertaste.Barrel Sample94BordeauxSaint-JulienRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Saint-Pierre 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Julien)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Saint-Pierre
1612316122France93–95. Barrel sample. Full of ripe Cabernet tannins, this is a structured wine that's chunky in character. It elegantly balances fruit and structure, resulting in a wine that's sure to be impressive.Barrel Sample94100BordeauxSaint-JulienRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Branaire-Ducru 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Julien)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Branaire-Ducru
1612416123France93–95. Barrel sample. This powerful wine is dense with rich tannins and black fruits that are balanced. Full and concentrated, it's a wine with great potential.Barrel Sample94BordeauxSaint-EstèpheRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Ormes de Pez 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Estèphe)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Ormes de Pez
1612516124France93–95. Barrel sample. This is a smooth, rich wine that's intensely concentrated and packed with great black-currant fruits. The wine has weight and a sense of structure to support the great fruitiness.Barrel Sample94BordeauxSaint-JulienRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Beychevelle 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Julien)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Beychevelle
1612616125France93–95. Barrel sample. This finely fruity wine is packed with black fruits accented by spice and wood flavors. Solid tannins and bright layers of acidity make this wine so typical of the vintage.Barrel Sample94BordeauxPauillacRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Croizet-Bages 2012 Barrel Sample (Pauillac)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Croizet-Bages
1612716126France93–95. Barrel sample. The wine is very dry, layered tannins giving a major sense of structure. It will always have this dry, dense character, very firm, solid and powerful.Barrel Sample94BordeauxPauillacRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Lynch-Bages 2012 Barrel Sample (Pauillac)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Lynch-Bages
1612816127France92–94. Barrel sample. Fruity and spicy, this is a fine, attractively fruity wine. While it doesn't have great weight, it has a core of dry tannins and a dark structure that suggests good aging for the future.Barrel Sample93BordeauxSaint-EstèpheRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau de Pez 2012 Barrel Sample (Saint-Estèphe)Bordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau de Pez
1612916128USA Rhône-style blend that includes Viognier, Grenache and Mourvèdre, this is a standout. It's tight, focused and pure, bearing penetrating flavors of cassis and boysenberry, with streaks of coffee liqueur and chocolate, and a deep, resonant finish marked with fine-grained tannins.9324WashingtonColumbia Valley (WA)Columbia ValleyPaul Gregutt@paulgwine Tulpen 2008 Syrah (Columbia Valley (WA))SyrahTulpen
1613016129USA beautiful wine, this is rich in citrus, tropical fruit and green apple flavors, with a smoky jacket of oak. The acids and tannins lift it above the ordinary, as does a stony minerality that tastes of the soil.Corral Vineyard9348CaliforniaGreen ValleySonomaIron Horse 2010 Corral Vineyard Chardonnay (Green Valley)ChardonnayIron Horse
1613116130ItalyPora Barbaresco offers an incredibly elegant and fine personality with beautiful accents of wild berry, dried ginger, cola, leather, spice and black licorice. The tannins are silky and very polished.Pora9346PiedmontBarbarescoMusso 2009 Pora (Barbaresco)NebbioloMusso
1613216131USNickel & Nickel brings its deft touch for Napa Valley Bordeaux varieties to Russian River Syrah, with compelling results. The wine is extraordinarily rich and refined, carrying waves of blackberry, cherry, dark chocolate, bacon, smoky cedar and spice flavors. The texture is gloriously fine in tannins. A really superior Syrah that should provide pleasure over the next four years.Darien Vineyard9350CaliforniaRussian River ValleySonomaNickel & Nickel 2009 Darien Vineyard Syrah (Russian River Valley)SyrahNickel & Nickel
1613316132USThis is remarkable, with modest alcohol and a concentrated, ageworthy structure. Lime and pineapple flavors are enhanced with lively, gin-like botanicals. There is vivid acidity and a lick of butterscotch on the finish.Unfiltered9335WashingtonColumbia Valley (WA)Columbia ValleyPaul Gregutt@paulgwine Boudreaux Cellars 2010 Unfiltered Chardonnay (Columbia Valley (WA))ChardonnayBoudreaux Cellars
1613416133FranceThe idea that Sauvignon Blanc cannot age is emphatically disproved by this impressive, mature wine. It is rich and concentrated, full of almonds, herbs and a great sense of length and ripeness. This is now perfectly ready to drink.Le Grand Rochoy9345Loire ValleySancerreRoger Voss@vossrogerDomaine Laporte 2006 Le Grand Rochoy (Sancerre)Sauvignon BlancDomaine Laporte
1613516134ItalyThis is beautiful with fragrant tones of rose petal, wild berry, lemon zest, ginger and sage. Its complexity is impressive and so is the mouthfeel's polished and fine nature. Age this wine 10 years or more.9350PiedmontBaroloGianni Gagliardo 2008 BaroloNebbioloGianni Gagliardo
1613616135USThis is a unique and quirky blend, but so seductive. Half Sangiovese and half Cabernet Franc, it strikes an Italian pose, with scents and flavors of tobacco and sour cherry backed with lip-smacking acidity. The Cabernet Franc lends prune, plum and coffee notes.JBO's Frangiovese9360WashingtonWashingtonWashington OtherPaul Gregutt@paulgwine Boudreaux Cellars 2008 JBO's Frangiovese Red (Washington)Red BlendBoudreaux Cellars
1613716136FranceMaturing well, this is a rich Champagne. Its fruit flavors have gained a golden glow of toast and almond flavors, while retaining a taut, textured acidity. Ready to drink now.Cuvée Guy Joly Mémory Brut93120ChampagneChampagneRoger Voss@vossrogerVeuve Doussot 2002 Cuvée Guy Joly Mémory Brut (Champagne)Champagne BlendVeuve Doussot
1613816137FranceThis is a taut, tight, dry Champagne, needing a few more years of bottle age. It has fine acidity, with a crisp lemon flavor and a lively mousse. With further maturity, it will develop into an intense, toasty Champagne of great quality.Cuvée L93140ChampagneChampagneRoger Voss@vossrogerVeuve Doussot NV Cuvée L (Champagne)Champagne BlendVeuve Doussot
1613916138USThis is a beautiful Chardonnay—dry, sleek and refined. Beyond the subtle tropical fruit, citrus and green apple flavors is a steely minerality and lemony acidity that get the mouth watering. Drink now.Rued Clone9348CaliforniaGreen ValleySonomaIron Horse 2010 Rued Clone Chardonnay (Green Valley)ChardonnayIron Horse
1614016139USThe brisk acidity and tough tannins suggest cellaring this Pinot Noir for a while. To judge by the core of cherries and red currants, it should ride out the years effortlessly. Beyond the fruit is a fine, mushroomy earthiness and a feral quality sometimes found in better Sonoma Coast Pinots. Give it until 2017.Precioso9375CaliforniaSonoma CoastSonomaKeller 2009 Precioso Pinot Noir (Sonoma Coast)Pinot NoirKeller

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