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2505125050USThis Chardonnay already shows quite a bit of age. Hazelnut and chestnut dominate the nose with burnt lemon peel acidity at the edges. The palate picks up roasted marshmallow and roasted nut flavors, followed by a toffee finish. Drink now.Gravel Ridge Vineyard Estate8829CaliforniaSanta Cruz MountainsCentral CoastMatt Kettmann@mattkettmannCooper-Garrod 2011 Gravel Ridge Vineyard Estate Chardonnay (Santa Cruz Mountains)ChardonnayCooper-Garrod
2505225051FranceAt the suggested retail of $11, this is a super value.* The cherry fruit is modulated by herbal, balsamic elements that bring complexity, while the texture is supple without turning creamy or overly soft. Drink it over the next few years. The suggested retail price has been updated post-publication to $15. (added by J.C. 11/04/14)8815Rhône ValleyLiracJoe Czerwinski@JoeCzDomaine Coudoulis 2012 Red (Lirac)Rhône-style Red BlendDomaine Coudoulis
2505325052FranceThis is a truly herbal Sauvignon that is sold under the label of one of the major wine retail chains in France. It's full of green fruit, intense acidity and crisp texture and is ready to drink.Réserve8510Southwest FranceCôtes de GascogneRoger Voss@vossrogerMaison Nicolas 2016 Réserve Sauvignon Blanc (Côtes de Gascogne)Sauvignon BlancMaison Nicolas
2505425053USThis is a light-bodied wine, with mild fruity aromas and lean, herbaceous flavors. It's straightforward, low in alcohol and refreshing.8510CaliforniaCaliforniaCalifornia OtherJim Gordon@gordone_cellarsMcManis 2016 Pinot Grigio (California)Pinot GrigioMcManis
2505525054PortugalA crisp blend of six grapes, the wine is fruity with lemon, grapefruit backed by intense acidity. It has a light tang of texture and a crisp bright character that makes a wine that is ready to drink now.Lagoalva Vinho Branco8515TejoRoger Voss@vossrogerQuinta da Lagoalva de Cima 2016 Lagoalva Vinho Branco White (Tejo)Portuguese WhiteQuinta da Lagoalva de Cima
2505625055PortugalThere is a delicious tangy character to this crisp green wine that's packed with fruit. It is light and lively, refreshing in its acidity and layer of citrus. It is ready to drink.8520TejoRoger Voss@vossrogerQuinta do Casal Branco 2016 Fernão Pires (Tejo)Fernão PiresQuinta do Casal Branco
2505725056USQuite weak on the nose, this bottling shows dried lemon skin and orange rind aromas. There is a decent texture to the sip, with flavors of lemon reduction and pithy grapefruit.8530CaliforniaSanta Cruz MountainsCentral CoastMatt Kettmann@mattkettmannRussian Ridge 2016 Chardonnay (Santa Cruz Mountains)ChardonnayRussian Ridge
2505825057PortugalLightly fizzy, this young fruity wine is an easygoing Vinho Verde. It is just off dry, giving a soft character to the lively fruit, citrus and floral wine. It is ready to drink.Rotas de Portugal Branco859Vinho VerdeRoger Voss@vossrogerSantos & Seixo NV Rotas de Portugal Branco White (Vinho Verde)Portuguese WhiteSantos & Seixo
2505925058USThe aromas pop, with notes of sliced green pepper and jalapeño pepper, leaning very hard into the green. The palate brings more of the same, drinking more like a Carmenere than a Cabernet.Ascent One-half Mile Closer to the Moon8548WashingtonColumbia Valley (WA)Columbia ValleySean P. Sullivan@wawinereportStemilt Creek 2014 Ascent One-half Mile Closer to the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon (Columbia Valley (WA))Cabernet SauvignonStemilt Creek
2506025059FrancePure Cabernet Sauvignon, this wines comes from the same region as Bordeaux. It has black currant flavors, balanced acidity and a touch of wood aging. Drink from 2018.Le Phare Cabernet Sauvignon8510France OtherAtlantiqueRoger Voss@vossrogerTerre de Vignerons 2016 Le Phare Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Sauvignon (Atlantique)Cabernet SauvignonTerre de Vignerons
2506125060USThis wine is somewhat weedy and herbal, with extracted black fruit displaying prominently on the palate. Oaky and tannic, it overwhelms somewhat, needing time in the glass to settle down.8555CaliforniaRockpileSonomaVirginie Boone@vbooneTrecini 2015 Zinfandel (Rockpile)ZinfandelTrecini
2506225061USSweet and spicy, this medium-bodied Zinfandel-based wine smells like strawberries and tastes like vanilla, nutmeg and cherry syrup. It is soft in texture, low in acidity and characterized by spicy oaky nuances.Old Patch Red Lot# 438515CaliforniaCaliforniaCalifornia OtherJim Gordon@gordone_cellarsTrentadue 2015 Old Patch Red Lot# 43 Red (California)Red BlendTrentadue
2506325062USRed currant, red plum, licorice and dried herbs are pronounced on the nose. The palate is tart and slightly medicinal in character, with charred oak and spice coming through as well.8527VirginiaVirginiaCarrie DykesVeramar 2016 Cabernet Franc (Virginia)Cabernet FrancVeramar
2506425063USThis medium-bodied wine has fresh red cherry and strawberry aromas followed by light cherry and plum flavors, very mild tannins and a rather soft texture.858CaliforniaCaliforniaCalifornia OtherJim Gordon@gordone_cellarsWoodbridge by Robert Mondavi 2015 Cabernet Merlot (California)Cabernet MerlotWoodbridge by Robert Mondavi
2506525064PortugalThis is a lightly structured wine with a soft juicy black-fruit character. It is smooth, rounded and with a crisp aftertaste from the acidity. It is ready to drink.Colheita8510DouroRoger Voss@vossrogerAdega Vila Real 2015 Colheita Red (Douro)Portuguese RedAdega Vila Real
2506625065PortugalThe vineyard is named for a 16th century archbishop whose jurisdiction in the Age of Discovery covered all lands discovered and to be discovered. This wine is soft with pear and peach fruit and light acidity. It is balanced and warm, its creamy texture giving an attractive roundness and smoothness. The wine is ready to drink.Dom Martinho by Quinta do Carmo8510AlentejanoRoger Voss@vossrogerBacalhôa Wines of Portugal 2016 Dom Martinho by Quinta do Carmo White (Alentejano)Portuguese WhiteBacalhôa Wines of Portugal
2506725066USMildly fruity and very smooth in texture, this wine is quietly agreeable. It is medium to full bodied, feels rich on the palate and tastes ripe and subtle like honeydew melon.Founders' Estate8510CaliforniaCaliforniaCalifornia OtherJim Gordon@gordone_cellarsBeringer 2015 Founders' Estate Chardonnay (California)ChardonnayBeringer
2506825067RomaniaAromas of lemongrass and freshly-cut grass carry to a streamlined, lemon-driven palate. It is a touch too acidic to drink on it's own but would pair well with vegetable dishes.Origini Sec8516Dealu MareJeff Jenssen@worldwineguysBudureasca 2016 Origini Sec Sauvignon Blanc (Dealu Mare)Sauvignon BlancBudureasca
2506925068BrazilNeutral aromas include hints of sea foam and salty brine. This Brazilian brut feels standard and regular. Peachy flavors are mild and a touch grassy, while this feels waxy on the finish.Brut8523BrazilMichael Schachner@wineschachCasa Valduga 2015 Brut (Brazil)Champagne BlendCasa Valduga
2507025069FranceDense and dry, this is a tough, extracted wine. It has a hard edge followed by juicy acidity and will probably remain on the dry side.8520BordeauxBlaye Côtes de BordeauxRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Grand Bourgeau 2015 Blaye Côtes de BordeauxBordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Grand Bourgeau
2507125070FranceThis ripe wine is fruity, with both citrus and tropical flavors. Light and bright, with a crisp, tangy texture, it's ready to drink.8516BordeauxBordeaux BlancRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Grand Bourgeau 2016 Bordeaux BlancSauvignon BlancChâteau Grand Bourgeau
2507225071FranceThe spicy wood aroma that shows strongly on the nose of this wine is confirmed on the palate, as it seems to have spent too much time in barrels. The fruit has been neglected and is dry. It will open up with time, although the dryness will probably remain.8528BordeauxCôtes de BourgRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau le Piat 2015 Côtes de BourgBordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau le Piat
2507325072ChilePinched aromas of herbal plum show a hint of ammonia before settling. This feels raw due to high tartaric acidity. Oaky, roasted plum and berry flavors are backed by notes of carob and wood resin on the finish.Tradition Réserve8511Cachapoal ValleyMichael Schachner@wineschachChâteau Los Boldos 2015 Tradition Réserve Carmenère (Cachapoal Valley)CarmenèreChâteau Los Boldos
2507425073FranceBarrel aged for 12 months, this 95% Merlot wine (with a dash of Cabernet Franc) is very dominated by its wood. That gives it a seriously toasty character that dominates the fruit. At five years old, it should be more balanced.8549BordeauxSaint-ÉmilionRoger Voss@vossrogerChâteau Valade 2012 Saint-ÉmilionBordeaux-style Red BlendChâteau Valade
2507525074FranceAlthough drinking this wine while fishing would be just right, the name actually derives from the marine fossils in the soil. It's fruity, with a mineral texture and green, herbal character. At once rounded and cut with acidity, it's ready to drink.Cuvée Marine8510Southwest FranceCôtes de GascogneRoger Voss@vossrogerDomaine de Ménard 2016 Cuvée Marine White (Côtes de Gascogne)White BlendDomaine de Ménard
2507625075ItalyAromas of clove and prune follow over to the simple palate along with dried cherry and ground pepper. It's easygoing, with soft tannins. Drink soon.85VenetoValpolicella ClassicoKerin O’Keefe@kerinokeefeDomìni Veneti 2016 Valpolicella ClassicoRed BlendDomìni Veneti
2507725076ChileRoasted, smoky aromas push oak-based clove notes. This is a full-bodied, blocky PN that's tipping the scales in the direction of heavy. Roasted, medicinal berry and plum flavors follow the nose, while this ends with salty notes and a final blast of oaky clove.Gran Reserva8515Casablanca ValleyMichael Schachner@wineschachIndomita 2016 Gran Reserva Pinot Noir (Casablanca Valley)Pinot NoirIndomita
2507825077FranceThis blend of Altesse, Jacquère and Chardonnay is bitter at first. That edge gives way to a creamy mousse that fills the mouth with nut, dried plum and spice flavors.The aftertaste is dry.Brut8522France OtherVin de FranceRoger Voss@vossrogerLes Rocailles NV Brut Sparkling (Vin de France)Sparkling BlendLes Rocailles
2507925078USThis is an easygoing wine with vanilla and cinnamon flavors, a soft texture and a touch of sweetness coating the fruit flavors contributed by Syrah, Merlot and other blenders.8514CaliforniaCaliforniaCalifornia OtherJim Gordon@gordone_cellarsMurphy-Goode 2013 Red (California)Red BlendMurphy-Goode
2508025079USFermented entirely in stainless steel, this is meant to be a flinty, grassy and herbal experience, especially as the main variety was blended with 3% Riesling. Simple and dry, it offers peach, lemon zest and lychee fruitiness and medium weight.8519CaliforniaSonoma CountySonomaVirginie Boone@vbooneOutlot 2016 Sauvignon Blanc (Sonoma County)Sauvignon BlancOutlot

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