Today in History, English
Today in History, English

30601March 19Event1982 – Falklands War: Argentinian forces land on South Georgia Island, precipitating war with the United Kingdom.
30602March 19Event1987 – Televangelist Jim Bakker resigns as head of the PTL Club due to a brewing sex scandal he hands over control to Jerry Falwell.
30603March 19Event1989 – The Egyptian Flag is raised on Taba, Egypt announcing the end of the Israeli occupation after the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and the peace negotiations in 1979.
30604March 19Event1990 – The ethnic clashes of Târgu Mureș begin four days after the anniversary of the Revolutions of 1848 in the Austrian Empire.
30605March 19Event2002 – Zimbabwe is suspended from the Commonwealth on charges of human rights abuses and of electoral fraud, following a turbulent presidential election.
30606March 19Event2004 – Konginkangas bus disaster: A semi-trailer truck and a bus crash head-on in Äänekoski, Finland. A total of 24 people are killed and 13 injured.
30607March 19Event2004 – A Swedish DC-3 shot down by a Russian MiG-15 in 1952 over the Baltic Sea is finally recovered after years of work. The remains of the three crewmen are left in place, pending further investigations.
30608March 19Event2004 – 3-19 shooting incident: Taiwanese president Chen Shui-bian is shot just before the country's presidential election on March 20.
30609March 19Event2008 – GRB 080319B: A cosmic burst that is the farthest object visible to the naked eye is briefly observed.
30610March 19Event2011 – Libyan Civil War: After the failure of Muammar Gaddafi's forces to take Benghazi, French Air Force launches Opération Harmattan, beginning foreign military intervention in Libya.
30611March 19Event2013 – A series of bombings and shootings kills at least 98 people and injures 240 others across Iraq.
30612March 19Birth1434 – Ashikaga Yoshikatsu, Japanese shogun (d. 1443)
30613March 19Birth1488 – Johannes Magnus, Swedish archbishop and theologian (d. 1544)
30614March 19Birth1534 – José de Anchieta, Spanish missionary and saint (d. 1597)
30615March 19Birth1590 – William Bradford, English colonial politician, 2nd Governor of Plymouth Colony (d. 1657)
30616March 19Birth1601 – Alonzo Cano, Spanish painter, sculptor, and architect (d. 1667)
30617March 19Birth1603 – John IV of Portugal (d. 1656)
30618March 19Birth1629 – Alexis of Russia (d. 1676)
30619March 19Birth1641 – Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi, Syrian author and scholar (d. 1731)
30620March 19Birth1661 – Francesco Gasparini, Italian composer and educator (d. 1727)
30621March 19Birth1684 – Jean Astruc, French physician and scholar (d. 1766)
30622March 19Birth1721 – Tobias Smollett, Scottish-Italian poet and author (d. 1771)
30623March 19Birth1734 – Thomas McKean, American lawyer and politician, 2nd Governor of Pennsylvania (d. 1817)
30624March 19Birth1739 – Charles-François Lebrun, duc de Plaisance, French lawyer and politician (d. 1824)
30625March 19Birth1742 – Túpac Amaru II, Peruvian rebel leader (d. 1781)
30626March 19Birth1748 – Elias Hicks, American farmer, minister, and theologian (d. 1830)
30627March 19Birth1749 – Princess Louisa of Great Britain (d. 1768)
30628March 19Birth1778 – Edward Pakenham, Irish general and politician (d. 1815)
30629March 19Birth1809 – Fredrik Pacius, German composer and conductor (d. 1891)
30630March 19Birth1813 – David Livingstone, Scottish missionary and explorer (d. 1873)

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