Today in History, English
Today in History, English

30781March 19Birth1964 – Jake Weber, English actor
30782March 19Birth1965 – Kevin F. Harris, American composer and author
30783March 19Birth1965 – Fred Stoller, American actor and screenwriter
30784March 19Birth1966 – Michael Crockart, Scottish police officer and politician
30785March 19Birth1966 – Andy Sinton, English footballer and manager
30786March 19Birth1967 – Michael Bletsas, Greek engineer and academic
30787March 19Birth1967 – Sergei Bragin, Estonian footballer
30788March 19Birth1967 – Vladimir Konstantinov, Russian-American ice hockey player
30789March 19Birth1967 – Katia Tiutiunnik, Australian viola player and composer
30790March 19Birth1968 – Tyrone Hill, American basketball player and coach
30791March 19Birth1968 – Mots'eoa Senyane, Lesotho diplomat, Lesotho High Commissioner to Canada
30792March 19Birth1969 – Gary Jules, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
30793March 19Birth1969 – Tuulikki Laesson, Estonian chess player
30794March 19Birth1969 – Tom McRae, English singer-songwriter and guitarist
30795March 19Birth1969 – Connor Trinneer, American actor
30796March 19Birth1970 – Gert Bettens, Belgian guitarist and songwriter (K's Choice)
30797March 19Birth1970 – Harald Johnsen, Norwegian bassist (d. 2011)
30798March 19Birth1970 – Michael Krumm, German race car driver
30799March 19Birth1971 – Nadja Auermann, German model and actress
30800March 19Birth1971 – Sébastien Godefroid, Belgian sailor
30801March 19Birth1972 – Izumi Inamori, Japanese actress
30802March 19Birth1972 – Nate Quarry, American mixed martial artist and sportscaster
30803March 19Birth1973 – Bun B, American rapper and producer (UGK)
30804March 19Birth1973 – Brant Bjork, American drummer (Kyuss, Vista Chino, and Fu Manchu)
30805March 19Birth1973 – Ashley Giles, English cricketer and coach
30806March 19Birth1973 – Simmone Jade Mackinnon, Australian actress
30807March 19Birth1973 – Sergey Makarov, Russian javelin thrower
30808March 19Birth1974 – Vida Guerra, Cuban-American model and actress
30809March 19Birth1974 – Marcel Tiemann, German race car driver
30810March 19Birth1975 – Brann Dailor, American drummer and songwriter (Mastodon, Lethargy, and Today Is the Day)

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