Today in History, English
Today in History, English

31021March 20Event2015 – A Solar eclipse, equinox, and a Supermoon all occur on the same day.
31022March 20Birth43 BC – Ovid, Roman poet (d. 17)
31023March 20Birth1469 – Cecily of York (d. 1507)
31024March 20Birth1477 – Jerome Emser, German theologian and scholar (d. 1527)
31025March 20Birth1502 – Pierino Belli, Italian soldier and jurist (d. 1575)
31026March 20Birth1639 – Ivan Mazepa, Ukrainian diplomat, Hetman of Ukraine (d. 1709)
31027March 20Birth1725 – Abdul Hamid I, Ottoman sultan (d. 1789)
31028March 20Birth1735 – Torbern Bergman, Swedish chemist and mineralogist (d. 1784)
31029March 20Birth1736 – Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke, Thai king (d. 1809)
31030March 20Birth1770 – Friedrich Hölderlin, German poet and author (d. 1843)
31031March 20Birth1771 – Heinrich Clauren, German author (d. 1854)
31032March 20Birth1799 – Karl August Nicander, Swedish poet and author (d. 1839)
31033March 20Birth1800 – Braulio Carrillo Colina, Costa Rican lawyer and politician, President of Costa Rica (d. 1845)
31034March 20Birth1811 – Napoleon II, French emperor (d. 1832)
31035March 20Birth1811 – George Caleb Bingham, American painter and politician, State Treasurer of Missouri (d. 1879)
31036March 20Birth1821 – Ned Buntline, American journalist, author, and publisher (d. 1886)
31037March 20Birth1824 – Theodor von Heuglin, German explorer and ornithologist (d. 1876)
31038March 20Birth1828 – Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian poet, playwright, and director (d. 1906)
31039March 20Birth1831 – Solomon L. Spink, American lawyer and politician (d. 1881)
31040March 20Birth1834 – Charles William Eliot, American mathematician and academic (d. 1926)
31041March 20Birth1836 – Ferris Jacobs, Jr., American general, lawyer, and politician (d. 1886)
31042March 20Birth1836 – Edward Poynter, English painter, illustrator, and curator (d. 1919)
31043March 20Birth1840 – Illarion Pryanishnikov, Russian painter (d. 1894)
31044March 20Birth1851 – Ismail Gasprinski, Ukrainian educator, publisher, and politician (d. 1914)
31045March 20Birth1852 – Frank MacKey, American polo player (d. 1927)
31046March 20Birth1856 – John Lavery, Irish painter (d. 1941)
31047March 20Birth1856 – Frederick Winslow Taylor, American tennis player and engineer (d. 1915)
31048March 20Birth1865 – Jehanne d'Alcy, French film actress (d. 1956)
31049March 20Birth1870 – Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, German general (d. 1964)
31050March 20Birth1874 – Börries von Münchhausen, German poet and activist (d. 1945)

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