Today in History, English
Today in History, English

31621March 21Birth1962 – Matthew Broderick, American actor, singer, and director
31622March 21Birth1962 – Kathy Greenwood, Canadian actress and screenwriter
31623March 21Birth1962 – Rosie O'Donnell, American actress, producer, and talk show host
31624March 21Birth1962 – Mark Waid, American author
31625March 21Birth1963 – Shawon Dunston, American baseball player
31626March 21Birth1963 – Ronald Koeman, Dutch footballer and manager
31627March 21Birth1963 – Shawn Lane, American guitarist, songwriter, and producer (Black Oak Arkansas) (d. 2003)
31628March 21Birth1963 – Share Pedersen, American bass player (Vixen and Contraband)
31629March 21Birth1964 – Ieuan Evans, Welsh rugby player
31630March 21Birth1964 – Jesper Skibby, Danish cyclist
31631March 21Birth1965 – Xavier Bertrand, French businessman and politician, French Minister of Social Affairs
31632March 21Birth1966 – Benito Archundia, Mexican footballer, referee, lawyer, and economist
31633March 21Birth1966 – Hauke Fuhlbrügge, German runner
31634March 21Birth1966 – Matthew Maynard, English cricketer and coach
31635March 21Birth1966 – DJ Premier, American DJ and producer (Gang Starr)
31636March 21Birth1966 – Moa Matthis, Swedish author
31637March 21Birth1967 – Maxim, English singer-songwriter (The Prodigy)
31638March 21Birth1967 – Jonas Berggren, Swedish singer-songwriter and producer (Ace of Base)
31639March 21Birth1967 – Adrian Chiles, English radio and television host
31640March 21Birth1967 – Carwyn Jones, Welsh lawyer and politician, First Minister of Wales
31641March 21Birth1968 – Cameron Clyne, Australian businessman
31642March 21Birth1968 – Andrew Copeland, American singer and guitarist (Sister Hazel)
31643March 21Birth1968 – Jaye Davidson, American-English model and actor
31644March 21Birth1968 – Samantha Dorman, American model and actress
31645March 21Birth1968 – Greg Ellis, English actor, producer, and screenwriter
31646March 21Birth1968 – Tolunay Kafkas, Turkish footballer and manager
31647March 21Birth1968 – Shin Seung-hun, South Korean singer-songwriter
31648March 21Birth1968 – Scott Williams, American basketball player and sportscaster
31649March 21Birth1969 – Viktor Alonen, Estonian footballer
31650March 21Birth1969 – Ali Daei, Iranian footballer and coach

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