Today in History, English
Today in History, English

32041March 22Birth1946 – Richard Faulkner, Baron Faulkner of Worcester, English journalist and politician
32042March 22Birth1946 – Rivka Golani, Israeli viola player and composer
32043March 22Birth1946 – Rudy Rucker, American mathematician, computer scientist, and author
32044March 22Birth1946 – Harry Vanda, Dutch-Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (The Easybeats and Vanda & Young)
32045March 22Birth1947 – George Ferguson, English architect and politician, 1st Mayor of Bristol
32046March 22Birth1947 – James Patterson, American author and producer
32047March 22Birth1947 – Maarten van Gent, Dutch basketball player and coach
32048March 22Birth1947 – Tony Pope, American voice actor (d. 2004)
32049March 22Birth1948 – Wolf Blitzer, German-American journalist
32050March 22Birth1948 – Randy Jo Hobbs, American bass player (The McCoys and Montrose) (d. 1993)
32051March 22Birth1948 – Andrew Lloyd Webber, English director and composer
32052March 22Birth1949 – Fanny Ardant, French actress, director, and screenwriter
32053March 22Birth1949 – Brian Hanrahan, English journalist (d. 2010)
32054March 22Birth1950 – Goran Bregović, Bosnian guitarist and songwriter (Bijelo Dugme and Jutro)
32055March 22Birth1950 – Mary Tamm, English actress (d. 2012)
32056March 22Birth1950 – Jocky Wilson, Scottish darts player (d. 2012)
32057March 22Birth1952 – Des Browne, Scottish lawyer and politician, Secretary of State for Scotland
32058March 22Birth1952 – Bob Costas, American talk show host and sportscaster
32059March 22Birth1952 – Jay Dee Daugherty, American drummer and songwriter (The Church)
32060March 22Birth1954 – Tommy Hollis, American actor (d. 2001)
32061March 22Birth1955 – James House, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
32062March 22Birth1955 – Lena Olin, Swedish-American actress
32063March 22Birth1955 – Pete Sessions, American politician
32064March 22Birth1955 – Valdis Zatlers, Latvian physician and politician, 7th President of Latvia
32065March 22Birth1956 – Generosa Ammon, American wife of Daniel Pelosi (d. 2003)
32066March 22Birth1957 – Jürgen Bucher, German footballer
32067March 22Birth1957 – Stephanie Mills, American actress and singer
32068March 22Birth1958 – Wayne Bloom, American wrestler
32069March 22Birth1958 – Laurie David, American blogger, activist, and producer
32070March 22Birth1958 – Pete Wylie, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Crucial Three and The Spitfire Boys)

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