Today in History, English
Today in History, English

32461March 23Birth1954 – Kenneth Cole, American fashion designer, founded Kenneth Cole Productions
32462March 23Birth1955 – Petrea Burchard, American actress
32463March 23Birth1955 – Moses Malone, American basketball player and sportscaster (d. 2015)
32464March 23Birth1956 – José Manuel Barroso, Portuguese academic and politician, 115th Prime Minister of Portugal
32465March 23Birth1956 – Andrew Mitchell, English soldier and politician, Secretary of State for International Development
32466March 23Birth1956 – Jeremy Wade, English biologist and author
32467March 23Birth1957 – Teresa Ganzel, American actress
32468March 23Birth1957 – Lucio Gutiérrez, Ecuadorian politician, 52nd President of Ecuador
32469March 23Birth1957 – Robbie James, Welsh footballer and manager (d. 1998)
32470March 23Birth1957 – Amanda Plummer, American actress
32471March 23Birth1958 – Etienne De Wilde, Belgian cyclist
32472March 23Birth1958 – Bengt-Åke Gustafsson, Swedish ice hockey player and coach
32473March 23Birth1958 – Eldon Hoke, American drummer and singer (The Mentors and The Screamers) (d. 1997)
32474March 23Birth1958 – Michael Sorich, American voice actor, director, and screenwriter
32475March 23Birth1958 – Hugh Grant, Scotland-born business executive
32476March 23Birth1959 – Catherine Keener, American actress and producer
32477March 23Birth1959 – Epic Soundtracks, English drummer and songwriter (Swell Maps, Crime and the City Solution, and These Immortal Souls) (d. 1997)
32478March 23Birth1959 – Philippe Volter, Belgian actor and director (d. 2005)
32479March 23Birth1960 – Haris Romas, Greek actor, composer, and screenwriter
32480March 23Birth1960 – Nicol Stephen, Baron Stephen, Scottish lawyer and politician, 2nd Deputy First Minister of Scotland
32481March 23Birth1961 – Roger Crisp, English philosopher and academic
32482March 23Birth1961 – Steve Holmes, Romanian-American porn actor and director
32483March 23Birth1961 – Helmi Johannes, Indonesian journalist and producer
32484March 23Birth1962 – Steve Redgrave, English rower
32485March 23Birth1963 – Míchel, Spanish footballer and manager
32486March 23Birth1963 – Juan Ramón López Caro, Spanish footballer and manager
32487March 23Birth1963 – Ana Fidelia Quirot, Cuban runner
32488March 23Birth1964 – Okan Bayülgen, Turkish actor, talk show host, and photographer
32489March 23Birth1964 – Hope Davis, American actress and singer
32490March 23Birth1964 – John Pinette, American comedian and actor (d. 2014)

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