Today in History, English
Today in History, English

33871March 26Death1940 – Spyridon Louis, Greek runner (b. 1873)
33872March 26Death1942 – Jimmy Burke, American baseball player and manager (b. 1874)
33873March 26Death1945 – David Lloyd George, English-Welsh lawyer and politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1863)
33874March 26Death1948 – Emile St. Godard, Canadian dog sled racer (b. 1905)
33875March 26Death1951 – James F. Hinkle, American banker and politician, 6th Governor of New Mexico (b. 1864)
33876March 26Death1954 – Charles Perrin, French rower (b. 1875)
33877March 26Death1957 – Édouard Herriot, French politician, Prime Minister of France (b. 1872)
33878March 26Death1958 – Phil Mead, English cricketer and footballer (b. 1887)
33879March 26Death1959 – Raymond Chandler, American author and screenwriter (b. 1888)
33880March 26Death1962 – Cyrillus Kreek, Estonian trombonist and composer (b. 1889)
33881March 26Death1965 – Olof Sandborg, Swedish actor (b. 1884)
33882March 26Death1966 – Victor Hochepied, French swimmer (b. 1883)
33883March 26Death1969 – John Kennedy Toole, American soldier, author, and academic (b. 1937)
33884March 26Death1973 – Noël Coward, English actor, director, playwright, and composer (b. 1899)
33885March 26Death1973 – Johnny Drake, American football player (b. 1916)
33886March 26Death1973 – Don Messer, Canadian-American fiddler (b. 1909)
33887March 26Death1973 – George Sisler, American baseball player and scout (b. 1893)
33888March 26Death1976 – Lin Yutang, Chinese linguist and author (b. 1895)
33889March 26Death1978 – Wilfred Pickles, English actor and radio host (b. 1904)
33890March 26Death1979 – Beauford Delaney, American-French painter (b. 1901)
33891March 26Death1979 – Jean Stafford, American author and academic (b. 1915)
33892March 26Death1980 – Roland Barthes, French linguist and critic (b. 1915)
33893March 26Death1983 – Anthony Blunt, English historian and spy (b. 1907)
33894March 26Death1984 – Ahmed Sékou Touré, Guinean politician, 1st President of Guinea (b. 1922)
33895March 26Death1987 – Eugen Jochum, German conductor (b. 1902)
33896March 26Death1989 – Hai Zi, Chinese poet and educator (b. 1964)
33897March 26Death1990 – Halston, American fashion designer (b. 1932)
33898March 26Death1992 – Barbara Frum, American-Canadian journalist and radio host (b. 1937)
33899March 26Death1993 – Louis Falco, American dancer and choreographer (b. 1942)
33900March 26Death1995 – Eazy-E, American rapper and producer (N.W.A) (b. 1963)

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