Today in History, English
Today in History, English

34321March 27Birth1934 – Arthur Mitchell, American dancer and choreographer
34322March 27Birth1934 – Ioannis Paleokrassas, Greek politician, 17th Greek Minister of Finance
34323March 27Birth1934 – Peter Schamoni, German director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2011)
34324March 27Birth1935 – Abelardo Castillo, Argentinian author and playwright
34325March 27Birth1935 – John Henry Dowse, Australian rugby player
34326March 27Birth1935 – Julian Glover, English actor
34327March 27Birth1935 – Michael Howard, 21st Earl of Suffolk, English politician
34328March 27Birth1935 – Lars Andreas Larssen, Norwegian actor (d. 2014)
34329March 27Birth1935 – Race Mathews, Australian economist and politician
34330March 27Birth1935 – Stanley Rother, American priest and missionary (d. 1981)
34331March 27Birth1936 – Malcolm Goldstein, American violinist and composer
34332March 27Birth1936 – Otmar Issing, German economist and academic
34333March 27Birth1936 – Jerry Lacy, American actor and screenwriter
34334March 27Birth1937 – Johnny Copeland, American singer and guitarist (d. 1997)
34335March 27Birth1937 – Thomas Aquinas Daly, American painter and illustrator
34336March 27Birth1937 – Alan Hawkshaw, English keyboard player and songwriter (The Shadows)
34337March 27Birth1937 – Affonso Romano de Sant'Anna, Brazilian author and academic
34338March 27Birth1938 – Aloizs Tumiņš, Latvian boxer (d. 2009)
34339March 27Birth1938 – Katerina Yioulaki, Greek actress
34340March 27Birth1939 – José Bardina, Spanish-Venezuelan actor (d. 2009)
34341March 27Birth1939 – Lawrence Eugene Brandt, American bishop
34342March 27Birth1939 – Angelo Cifelli, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
34343March 27Birth1939 – Ladislas de Hoyos, Belgian-French journalist and politician (d. 2011)
34344March 27Birth1939 – Bruce Johnston, American criminal (d. 2002)
34345March 27Birth1939 – Jay Kim, South Korean-American engineer and politician
34346March 27Birth1939 – Beba Selimović, Bosnian singer
34347March 27Birth1939 – Vasilios Makridis, Greek skier
34348March 27Birth1939 – Cale Yarborough, American race car driver and businessman
34349March 27Birth1940 – Silvano Bertini, Italian boxer
34350March 27Birth1940 – Lindy Infante, American football player and coach (d. 2015)

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