Today in History, English
Today in History, English

35521March 28Birth1968 – Iris Chang, American journalist and author (d. 2004)
35522March 28Birth1968 – Nasser Hussain, Indian-English cricketer and sportscaster
35523March 28Birth1968 – Jon Lee, English-American drummer (The Darling Buds, Feeder, and Raindancer) (d. 2002)
35524March 28Birth1968 – Tim Lovejoy, English television host
35525March 28Birth1968 – Max Perlich, American actor
35526March 28Birth1969 – Rodney Atkins, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
35527March 28Birth1969 – Laurie Brett, Scottish actress
35528March 28Birth1969 – Daniel Laperrière, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
35529March 28Birth1969 – Brett Ratner, American director and producer
35530March 28Birth1969 – Ilke Wyludda, German discus thrower
35531March 28Birth1970 – Michelle Gildernew, Irish politician
35532March 28Birth1970 – Vince Vaughn, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
35533March 28Birth1970 – Jennifer Weiner, American journalist and author
35534March 28Birth1970 – Aiga Zagorska, Latvian-Lithuanian cyclist
35535March 28Birth1971 – Mr. Cheeks, American rapper (The Lost Boyz)
35536March 28Birth1971 – Christianne Meneses Jacobs, Nicaraguan-American journalist and educator
35537March 28Birth1971 – Kristi Mühling, Estonian kannel player
35538March 28Birth1971 – Wesley Person, American basketball player
35539March 28Birth1972 – Nick Frost, English actor and screenwriter
35540March 28Birth1972 – Eby J. Jose, Indian journalist and author
35541March 28Birth1972 – Keith Tkachuk, American ice hockey player
35542March 28Birth1972 – David Vadim, Ukrainian-American actor
35543March 28Birth1973 – Umaga, American wrestler (d. 2009)
35544March 28Birth1973 – Björn Kuipers, Dutch footballer and referee
35545March 28Birth1973 – Matt Nathanson, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
35546March 28Birth1973 – Morné van der Merwe, South African rugby player (d. 2013)
35547March 28Birth1974 – Mark King, English snooker player
35548March 28Birth1974 – Scott Mills, English radio host and actor
35549March 28Birth1974 – Themis Tolis, Greek drummer (Rotting Christ)
35550March 28Birth1975 – Fabrizio Gollin, Italian race car driver

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