Today in History, English
Today in History, English

35911March 29Birth1940 – John Suchet, English journalist and game show host
35912March 29Birth1941 – Violeta Andrei, Romanian actress
35913March 29Birth1941 – Eden Kane, Indian-English singer and actor
35914March 29Birth1941 – Joseph Hooton Taylor, Jr., American astrophysicist and astronomer, Nobel Prize laureate
35915March 29Birth1942 – Julie Goodyear, English actress
35916March 29Birth1942 – Bob Lurtsema, American football player
35917March 29Birth1942 – Scott Wilson, American actor
35918March 29Birth1943 – Vangelis, Greek keyboard player and songwriter (Aphrodite's Child and Jon and Vangelis)
35919March 29Birth1943 – Chad Allan, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Guess Who and Brave Belt)
35920March 29Birth1943 – Eric Idle, English actor and singer
35921March 29Birth1943 – John Major, English banker and politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
35922March 29Birth1944 – Terry Jacks, Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (The Poppy Family)
35923March 29Birth1944 – Denny McLain, American baseball player and sportscaster
35924March 29Birth1945 – Walt Frazier, American basketball player and sportscaster
35925March 29Birth1945 – Speedy Keen, English singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer (Thunderclap Newman) (d. 2002)
35926March 29Birth1945 – Willem Ruis, Dutch game show host (d. 1986)
35927March 29Birth1946 – James Boyle, Scottish broadcaster
35928March 29Birth1946 – Paul Herman, American actor
35929March 29Birth1946 – Richard Holmes, English soldier and historian (d. 2011)
35930March 29Birth1946 – Billy Thorpe, English-Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs) (d. 2007)
35931March 29Birth1946 – Rigo Tovar, Mexican singer-songwriter and actor (d. 2005)
35932March 29Birth1946 – Dennis Wolfberg, American comedian (d. 1994)
35933March 29Birth1947 – Inge Bödding, German sprinter
35934March 29Birth1947 – Robert Gordon, American singer and actor (Tuff Darts)
35935March 29Birth1947 – Bobby Kimball, American singer-songwriter (Toto and Yoso)
35936March 29Birth1948 – Bud Cort, American actor, director, and screenwriter
35937March 29Birth1949 – Kayahan, Turkish singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2015)
35938March 29Birth1949 – Michael Brecker, American saxophonist and composer (Steps Ahead and Parliament-Funkadelic) (d. 2007)
35939March 29Birth1949 – Dave Greenfield, English Keyboard player (The Stranglers)
35940March 29Birth1949 – Pauline Marois, Canadian social worker and politician, 30th Premier of Quebec

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