Today in History, English
Today in History, English

35941March 29Birth1949 – Keith Simpson, English historian and politician
35942March 29Birth1949 – John Spenkelink, American murderer (d. 1979)
35943March 29Birth1950 – Norman Snow, American actor
35944March 29Birth1951 – William Clarke, American harmonica player (d. 1996)
35945March 29Birth1952 – John Hendricks, American businessman, founded Discovery Communications
35946March 29Birth1952 – Teófilo Stevenson, Cuban boxer and engineer (d. 2012)
35947March 29Birth1953 – Tõnis Palts, Estonian politician, 39th Mayor of Tallinn
35948March 29Birth1954 – Dianne Kay, American actress
35949March 29Birth1954 – Karen Ann Quinlan, American medical patient (d. 1985)
35950March 29Birth1955 – Earl Campbell, American football player
35951March 29Birth1955 – Brendan Gleeson, Irish actor and director
35952March 29Birth1955 – Christopher Lawford, American actor and author
35953March 29Birth1955 – Marina Sirtis, English-American actress and producer
35954March 29Birth1956 – Patty Donahue, American singer (The Waitresses) (d. 1996)
35955March 29Birth1956 – Kurt Thomas, American gymnast and actor
35956March 29Birth1957 – Elizabeth Hand, American author
35957March 29Birth1957 – Christopher Lambert, American-French actor and producer
35958March 29Birth1957 – Simon Lee, English scholar and academic
35959March 29Birth1958 – Pedro Bial, Brazilian journalist and producer
35960March 29Birth1958 – Travis Childers, American businessman and politician
35961March 29Birth1958 – Fiona Reynolds, English academic
35962March 29Birth1958 – Nouriel Roubini, Turkish-American economist and academic
35963March 29Birth1958 – Victor Salva, American director, producer, and screenwriter
35964March 29Birth1958 – Marc Silvestri, American publisher, founded Top Cow Productions
35965March 29Birth1959 – Henry Bellingham, English lawyer and politician
35966March 29Birth1959 – Barry Blanchard, Canadian mountaineer
35967March 29Birth1959 – Perry Farrell, American singer-songwriter (Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros, Psi com, and Satellite Party)
35968March 29Birth1959 – Michael Hayes, American wrestler and singer
35969March 29Birth1959 – Brad McCrimmon, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 2011)
35970March 29Birth1960 – Jo Nesbø, Norwegian singer-songwriter and skier (Di Derre)

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