Today in History, English
Today in History, English

36391March 30Birth1966 – Dmitry Volkov, Russian swimmer
36392March 30Birth1966 – Leonid Voloshin, Russian triple jumper
36393March 30Birth1967 – Christopher Bowman, American figure skater and coach (d. 2008)
36394March 30Birth1967 – Megumi Hayashibara, Japanese voice actress and singer
36395March 30Birth1967 – Richard Hutten, Dutch furniture designer
36396March 30Birth1967 – Julie Richardson, New Zealand tennis player
36397March 30Birth1967 – Fuyumi Sakamoto, Japanese singer
36398March 30Birth1968 – Donna D'Errico, American model and actress
36399March 30Birth1968 – Celine Dion, Canadian singer-songwriter and actress
36400March 30Birth1969 – Nuša Derenda, Slovenian singer
36401March 30Birth1969 – Troy Bayliss, Australian motorcycle racer
36402March 30Birth1970 – Tobias Hill, English poet and author
36403March 30Birth1970 – Ricardo Bernal, Mexican tenor
36404March 30Birth1970 – Jone Nikula, Finnish radio and television host
36405March 30Birth1970 – Ron Villanueva, American politician
36406March 30Birth1971 – Mark Consuelos, Spanish-American actor and producer
36407March 30Birth1971 – Mari Holden, American cyclist
36408March 30Birth1972 – Mili Avital, Israeli-American actress
36409March 30Birth1972 – Makoto Nagano, Japanese martial artist
36410March 30Birth1972 – Emerson Thome, Brazilian footballer and scout
36411March 30Birth1972 – Karel Poborský, Czech footballer
36412March 30Birth1973 – Ali Ahmed, Qatari archer
36413March 30Birth1973 – Robin Coleman, American actress and bodybuilder
36414March 30Birth1973 – Adam Goldstein, American keyboard player, DJ, and producer (Crazy Town and TRV$DJAM) (d. 2009)
36415March 30Birth1973 – Jan Koller, Czech footballer
36416March 30Birth1973 – Matthew Pritchard, Welsh skateboarder and actor
36417March 30Birth1973 – Kareem Streete-Thompson, Caymanian-American long jumper
36418March 30Birth1973 – Rodney Thomas, American football player (d. 2014)
36419March 30Birth1974 – Maria Dangell, Estonian singer-songwriter and pianist
36420March 30Birth1975 – Paul Griffen, New Zealand-Italian rugby player

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