Today in History, English
Today in History, English

36841March 31Birth1950 – Hiroshi Tachi, Japanese actor and singer
36842March 31Birth1951 – Lena Söderberg, Swedish model
36843March 31Birth1952 – Vanessa del Rio, American porn actress
36844March 31Birth1952 – Dermot Morgan, Irish actor (d. 1998)
36845March 31Birth1953 – Dennis Kamakahi, American guitarist and composer (d. 2014)
36846March 31Birth1954 – Laima Vaikule, Latvian actress, singer, director, and choreographer
36847March 31Birth1955 – Robert Vance, New Zealand cricketer
36848March 31Birth1955 – Angus Young, Scottish-Australian guitarist and songwriter (AC/DC and Marcus Hook Roll Band)
36849March 31Birth1957 – Alan Duncan, English businessman and politician, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons
36850March 31Birth1957 – Marc McClure, American actor
36851March 31Birth1958 – Tony Cox, American actor and stuntman
36852March 31Birth1958 – Sylvester Groth, German tenor and actor
36853March 31Birth1959 – Markus Hediger, Swiss poet and translator
36854March 31Birth1959 – Ali McMordie, Irish bass player (Stiff Little Fingers and Friction Groove)
36855March 31Birth1960 – Michelle Nicastro, American actress and singer (d. 2010)
36856March 31Birth1961 – Ron Brown, American sprinter and football player
36857March 31Birth1961 – Howard Gordon, American screenwriter and producer
36858March 31Birth1961 – Suzanne Westenhoefer, American comedian and actress
36859March 31Birth1961 – Gary Winick, American director and producer (d. 2011)
36860March 31Birth1962 – John Taylor, American football player
36861March 31Birth1962 – Olli Rehn, Finnish footballer and politician
36862March 31Birth1963 – Paul Mercurio, Australian actor and dancer
36863March 31Birth1963 – Geir Rognø, Norwegian bassist
36864March 31Birth1964 – Mark Hoban, English accountant and politician
36865March 31Birth1964 – Brad Slaight, American comedian, actor, and screenwriter
36866March 31Birth1964 – Fez Whatley, American radio host and producer
36867March 31Birth1964 – Paul Wong, Hong Kong singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (Beyond)
36868March 31Birth1965 – Tom Barrasso, American ice hockey player and coach
36869March 31Birth1965 – Jean-Christophe Lafaille, French mountaineer (d. 2006)
36870March 31Birth1965 – William McNamara, American actor and producer

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