Today in History, English
Today in History, English

37441April 1Birth1969 – Fadl Shaker, Lebanese singer
37442April 1Birth1969 – Dean Windass, English footballer and manager
37443April 1Birth1970 – Sung-Hi Lee, South Korean-American model and actress
37444April 1Birth1970 – Brad Meltzer, American author, screenwriter, and producer
37445April 1Birth1970 – Mark Wheeler, American football player
37446April 1Birth1971 – Sonia Bisset, Cuban javelin thrower
37447April 1Birth1971 – Method Man, American rapper, producer, and actor (Wu-Tang Clan)
37448April 1Birth1971 – Jessica Collins, American actress
37449April 1Birth1971 – Karen Dunbar, Scottish actress and screenwriter
37450April 1Birth1971 – Lachy Hulme, Australian actor and screenwriter
37451April 1Birth1971 – Shinji Nakano, Japanese race car driver
37452April 1Birth1971 – Danielle Smith, Canadian journalist and politician
37453April 1Birth1972 – Darren McCarty, Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster
37454April 1Birth1972 – Jesse Tobias, American guitarist and songwriter (Red Hot Chili Peppers and Splendid)
37455April 1Birth1973 – Christian Finnegan, American comedian and actor
37456April 1Birth1973 – Stephen Fleming, New Zealand cricketer and coach
37457April 1Birth1973 – Joe Francis, American businessman, founded Girls Gone Wild
37458April 1Birth1973 – Rachel Maddow, American journalist and author
37459April 1Birth1973 – Kris Marshall, English actor
37460April 1Birth1973 – Daryn Tufts, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
37461April 1Birth1973 – Kym Wilson, Australian television host and actress
37462April 1Birth1974 – Beatriz Batarda, English-Portuguese actress
37463April 1Birth1974 – Richard Christy, American drummer and actor (Death, Iced Earth, and Charred Walls of the Damned)
37464April 1Birth1974 – Colby Donaldson, American television host and actor
37465April 1Birth1974 – John Glen, English politician
37466April 1Birth1974 – Hugo Ibarra, Argentinian footballer and manager
37467April 1Birth1974 – Sandra Völker, German swimmer
37468April 1Birth1975 – George Bastl, Swiss tennis player
37469April 1Birth1975 – John Butler, American-Australian singer-songwriter and producer (The John Butler Trio)
37470April 1Birth1975 – Pascal Witmeur, Belgian racing driver

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