Today in History, English
Today in History, English

39031April 5Event1946 – Soviet troops leave the island of Bornholm, Denmark after an 11-month occupation.
39032April 5Event1949 – Fireside Theater debuts on television.
39033April 5Event1949 – A fire in a hospital in Effingham, Illinois, kills 77 people and leads to nationwide fire code improvements in the United States.
39034April 5Event1951 – Ethel and Julius Rosenberg are sentenced to death for spying for the Soviet Union.
39035April 5Event1956 – Fidel Castro declares himself at war with Cuban President Fulgencio Batista.
39036April 5Event1956 – In Sri Lanka, the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna win the general elections in a landslide and S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike is sworn in as the Prime Minister of Ceylon.
39037April 5Event1957 – In India, Communists win the first elections in united Kerala and E. M. S. Namboodiripad is sworn in as the first Chief Minister.
39038April 5Event1958 – Ripple Rock, an underwater threat to navigation in the Seymour Narrows in Canada is destroyed in one of the largest non-nuclear controlled explosions of the time.
39039April 5Event1969 – Vietnam War: Massive antiwar demonstrations occur in many U.S. cities.
39040April 5Event1971 – In Sri Lanka, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna launches a revolt against the United Front government of Sirimavo Bandaranaike.
39041April 5Event1976 – In the People's Republic of China, the April Fifth Movement leads to the Tiananmen Incident.
39042April 5Event1986 – Three people are killed in the bombing of the La Belle discotheque in West Berlin, Germany.
39043April 5Event1991 – An ASA EMB 120 crashes in Brunswick, Georgia, killing all 23 aboard including Sen. John Tower and Astronaut Sonny Carter.
39044April 5Event1992 – Alberto Fujimori, president of Peru, dissolves the Peruvian congress by military force.
39045April 5Event1992 – The Siege of Sarajevo begins when Serb paramilitaries murder peace protesters Suada Dilberović and Olga Sučić on the Vrbanja Bridge.
39046April 5Event1994 – American musician Kurt Cobain commits suicide.
39047April 5Event1998 – In Japan, the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge linking Awaji Island with Honshū and costing about $3.8 billion USD, opens to traffic, becoming the largest suspension bridge in the world.
39048April 5Event1999 – Two Libyans suspected of bringing down Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988 are handed over for eventual trial in the Netherlands.
39049April 5Event2009 – North Korea launches its controversial Kwangmyŏngsŏng-2 rocket. The satellite passed over mainland Japan, which prompted an immediate reaction from the United Nations Security Council, as well as participating states of Six-party talks.
39050April 5Event2010 – Twenty-nine coal miners are killed in an explosion at the Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia.
39051April 5Birth1170 – Isabella of Hainault (d. 1190)
39052April 5Birth1288 – Emperor Go-Fushimi of Japan (d. 1336)
39053April 5Birth1472 – Bianca Maria Sforza, Italian wife of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1510)
39054April 5Birth1523 – Blaise de Vigenère, French cryptographer and diplomat (d. 1596)
39055April 5Birth1588 – Thomas Hobbes, English philosopher and theorist (d. 1679)
39056April 5Birth1595 – John Wilson, English composer and educator (d. 1674)
39057April 5Birth1604 – Charles IV, Duke of Lorraine (d. 1675)
39058April 5Birth1622 – Vincenzo Viviani, Italian mathematician, astronomer, and physicist (d. 1703)
39059April 5Birth1649 – Elihu Yale, American-English merchant and philanthropist (d. 1721)
39060April 5Birth1692 – Adrienne Lecouvreur, French actress (d. 1730)

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