Today in History, English
Today in History, English

39211April 5Birth1962 – Charlie Adam, Scottish footballer (d. 2012)
39212April 5Birth1962 – Prince Carl Christian of Hohenzollern
39213April 5Birth1962 – Lana Clarkson, American model and actress (d. 2003)
39214April 5Birth1962 – Gord Donnelly, Canadian ice hockey player and scout
39215April 5Birth1962 – Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Kalmyk businessman and politician, 1st President of Kalmykia
39216April 5Birth1964 – Steve Beaton, English darts player
39217April 5Birth1964 – Princess Erika, French singer-songwriter and actress
39218April 5Birth1964 – Marius Lăcătuș, Romanian footballer and coach
39219April 5Birth1964 – Christopher Reid, American rapper and actor (Kid 'n Play)
39220April 5Birth1965 – Cris Carpenter, American baseball player and educator
39221April 5Birth1965 – Aykut Kocaman, Turkish footballer and manager
39222April 5Birth1966 – Mike McCready, American guitarist and songwriter (Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Mad Season, and The Rockfords)
39223April 5Birth1967 – Gary Gait, Canadian lacrosse player and coach
39224April 5Birth1967 – Anu Garg, Indian-American journalist and author
39225April 5Birth1967 – Troy Gentry, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Montgomery Gentry)
39226April 5Birth1968 – Gianna Amore, American model and actress
39227April 5Birth1968 – Paula Cole, American singer-songwriter and pianist
39228April 5Birth1968 – Stewart Lee, English comedian, actor, producer, and screenwriter
39229April 5Birth1969 – Ryan Birch, English martial artist (d. 2013)
39230April 5Birth1970 – Soheil Ayari, French race car driver
39231April 5Birth1970 – Thea Gill, Canadian actress
39232April 5Birth1970 – Krishnan Guru-Murthy, English journalist
39233April 5Birth1970 – Miho Hatori, Japanese singer-songwriter (Cibo Matto, Smokey & Miho, and Butter 08)
39234April 5Birth1971 – Dong Abay, Filipino singer-songwriter and guitarist (Yano)
39235April 5Birth1971 – Krista Allen, American actress
39236April 5Birth1971 – Ayako Nishikawa, Japanese television personality, comedian, and surgeon
39237April 5Birth1972 – Tim Coronel, Dutch race car driver
39238April 5Birth1972 – Pat Green, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
39239April 5Birth1972 – Paul Okon, Australian footballer and manager
39240April 5Birth1972 – Waylon Payne, American singer-songwriter and actor

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