Today in History, English
Today in History, English

39661April 6Birth1966 – Young Man Kang, South Korean-American director and producer
39662April 6Birth1967 – Julian Anderson, English composer and educator
39663April 6Birth1967 – Kathleen Barr, Canadian voice actress and singer
39664April 6Birth1967 – Tanya Byron, English psychologist and academic
39665April 6Birth1967 – Jonathan Firth, English actor
39666April 6Birth1967 – Mika Koivuniemi, Finnish-American bowler
39667April 6Birth1968 – Archon Fung, American political scientist, author, and academic
39668April 6Birth1968 – Affonso Giaffone, Brazilian race car driver
39669April 6Birth1969 – Bret Boone, American baseball player and manager
39670April 6Birth1969 – Jack Canfora, American actor, singer, and playwright
39671April 6Birth1969 – Bison Dele, American basketball player (d. 2002)
39672April 6Birth1969 – Ari Meyers, Puerto Rican-American actress
39673April 6Birth1969 – Philipp Peter, Austrian race car driver
39674April 6Birth1969 – Paul Rudd, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
39675April 6Birth1969 – Louie Spence, English dancer and choreographer
39676April 6Birth1969 – Spencer Wells, American geneticist and anthropologist
39677April 6Birth1970 – Olaf Kölzig, South African-German ice hockey player and coach
39678April 6Birth1970 – Roy Mayorga, American drummer, songwriter, and producer (Stone Sour, Black President, Amebix, and Nausea)
39679April 6Birth1970 – Huang Xiaomin, Chinese swimmer
39680April 6Birth1971 – Lou Merloni, American baseball player and radio host
39681April 6Birth1971 – Sanjay Suri, Indian actor and producer
39682April 6Birth1972 – Scott Martin Brooks, American actor
39683April 6Birth1972 – Chad Eaton, American football player and coach
39684April 6Birth1972 – Jason Hervey, American actor and producer
39685April 6Birth1972 – Ami James, Israeli-American tattoo artist
39686April 6Birth1972 – Anders Thomas Jensen, Danish director and screenwriter
39687April 6Birth1972 – Dickey Simpkins, American basketball player and sportscaster
39688April 6Birth1972 – Jo Van Daele, Belgian discus thrower
39689April 6Birth1973 – Donnie Edwards, American football player
39690April 6Birth1973 – Randall Godfrey, American football player

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