Today in History, English
Today in History, English

40501April 8Birth1944 – Odd Nerdrum, Swedish-Norwegian painter and illustrator
40502April 8Birth1944 – Deke Richards, American songwriter and producer (d. 2013)
40503April 8Birth1944 – Joey D. Vieira, American actor and composer
40504April 8Birth1945 – Derrick Walker, Scottish businessman
40505April 8Birth1946 – Catfish Hunter, American baseball player (d. 1999)
40506April 8Birth1946 – Stuart Pankin, American actor
40507April 8Birth1946 – Tim Thomerson, American actor and producer
40508April 8Birth1947 – Tom DeLay, American lawyer and politician
40509April 8Birth1947 – Steve Howe, English guitarist, songwriter, and producer (Yes, Asia, Tomorrow, GTR, and Bodast)
40510April 8Birth1947 – Robert Kiyosaki, American businessman, co-founded Cashflow Technologies
40511April 8Birth1947 – Pascal Lamy, French businessman and politician, European Commissioner for Trade
40512April 8Birth1947 – Larry Norman, American singer-songwriter, and producer (People!) (d. 2008)
40513April 8Birth1948 – Barbara Young, Baroness Young of Old Scone, Scottish academic and politician
40514April 8Birth1949 – K. C. Kamalasabayson, Sri Lankan lawyer and politician, 39th Attorney General of Sri Lanka (d. 2007)
40515April 8Birth1949 – John Madden, English director and producer
40516April 8Birth1949 – Joe Royle, English footballer and manager
40517April 8Birth1949 – Brenda Russell, American-Canadian singer-songwriter and keyboard player
40518April 8Birth1949 – John Scott, English sociologist and academic
40519April 8Birth1950 – Grzegorz Lato, Polish footballer and coach
40520April 8Birth1951 – Gerd Andres, German politician
40521April 8Birth1951 – Geir Haarde, Icelandic economist, journalist, and politician, 23rd Prime Minister of Iceland
40522April 8Birth1951 – Mel Schacher, American bass player (Question Mark & the Mysterians and Grand Funk Railroad)
40523April 8Birth1951 – Joan Sebastian, Mexican singer-songwriter and actor (d. 2015)
40524April 8Birth1952 – Ahmet Piriştina, Turkish politician (d. 2004)
40525April 8Birth1952 – Kaori Momoi, Japanese actress
40526April 8Birth1954 – Gary Carter, American baseball player and coach (d. 2012)
40527April 8Birth1954 – Princess Lalla Amina of Morocco (d. 2012)
40528April 8Birth1954 – G.V. Loganathan, Indian-American engineer and academic (d. 2007)
40529April 8Birth1955 – Ricky Bell, American football player (d. 1984)
40530April 8Birth1955 – Gerrie Coetzee, South African boxer

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