Today in History, English
Today in History, English

42451April 13Birth1787 – John Robertson, American lawyer and politician (d. 1873)
42452April 13Birth1794 – Jean Pierre Flourens, French physiologist and academic (d. 1867)
42453April 13Birth1802 – Leopold Fitzinger, Austrian zoologist and hepetologist (d. 1884)
42454April 13Birth1808 – Antonio Meucci, Italian-American engineer (d. 1889)
42455April 13Birth1810 – Félicien David, French composer (d. 1876)
42456April 13Birth1824 – William Alexander, Irish archbishop, poet, and theologian (d. 1911)
42457April 13Birth1825 – Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Irish-Canadian journalist and politician (d. 1868)
42458April 13Birth1828 – Joseph Lightfoot, English bishop and theologian (d. 1889)
42459April 13Birth1832 – Juan Montalvo, Ecuadorian author and diplomat (d. 1889)
42460April 13Birth1841 – Louis-Ernest Barrias, French sculptor and academic (d. 1905)
42461April 13Birth1850 – Arthur Matthew Weld Downing, Irish astronomer (d. 1917)
42462April 13Birth1851 – Robert Abbe, American surgeon and radiologist (d. 1928)
42463April 13Birth1851 – William Quan Judge, Irish occultist and theosophist (d. 1896)
42464April 13Birth1852 – Frank Winfield Woolworth, American businessman, founded the F.W. Woolworth Company (d. 1919)
42465April 13Birth1860 – James Ensor, Belgian painter (d. 1949)
42466April 13Birth1866 – Butch Cassidy, American criminal (d. 1908)
42467April 13Birth1872 – John Cameron, Scottish footballer and manager (d. 1935)
42468April 13Birth1872 – Alexander Roda Roda, Austrian-Croatian journalist and author (d. 1945)
42469April 13Birth1873 – John W. Davis, American lawyer and politician, 14th United States Solicitor General (d. 1955)
42470April 13Birth1875 – Ray Lyman Wilbur, American physician, academic, and politician, 31st United States Secretary of the Interior (d. 1949)
42471April 13Birth1879 – Edward Bruce, American lawyer and painter (d. 1943)
42472April 13Birth1880 – Charles Christie, Canadian-American businessman, co-founded the Christie Film Company (d. 1955)
42473April 13Birth1885 – Vean Gregg, American baseball player (d. 1964)
42474April 13Birth1885 – Juhan Kukk, Estonian politician, Head of State of Estonia (d. 1942)
42475April 13Birth1885 – György Lukács, Hungarian philosopher and critic (d. 1971)
42476April 13Birth1887 – Gordon S. Fahrni, Canadian physician and golfer (d. 1995)
42477April 13Birth1887 – Peter Ratican, American soccer player (d. 1922)
42478April 13Birth1889 – Herbert Yardley, American cryptologist and author (d. 1958)
42479April 13Birth1890 – Frank Murphy, American jurist and politician, 56th United States Attorney General (d. 1949)
42480April 13Birth1890 – Dadasaheb Torne, Indian director and producer (d. 1960)

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