Today in History, English
Today in History, English

45661April 20Birth1948 – Matthias Kuhle, German geographer and academic (d. 2015)
45662April 20Birth1948 – Hugh Roberts, English historian and curator
45663April 20Birth1948 – Rémy Trudel, Canadian academic and politician
45664April 20Birth1949 – Veronica Cartwright, English-American actress
45665April 20Birth1949 – Toller Cranston, Canadian-Mexican figure skater and painter (d. 2015)
45666April 20Birth1949 – Massimo D'Alema, Italian journalist and politician, 76th Prime Minister of Italy
45667April 20Birth1949 – Paul Heiney, English journalist and author
45668April 20Birth1949 – Jessica Lange, American actress, singer, and producer
45669April 20Birth1950 – Steve Erickson, American author and critic
45670April 20Birth1950 – Alexander Lebed, Russian general and politician (d. 2002)
45671April 20Birth1950 – Robert Mair, English engineer and academic
45672April 20Birth1950 – N. Chandrababu Naidu, Indian politician, 13th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh
45673April 20Birth1950 – Milt Wilcox, American baseball player
45674April 20Birth1951 – Louise Jameson, English actress and educator
45675April 20Birth1951 – Luther Vandross, American singer-songwriter and producer (Change) (d. 2005)
45676April 20Birth1952 – Andrew Jaspan, English-Australian journalist and academic
45677April 20Birth1952 – Louka Katseli, Greek economist and politician
45678April 20Birth1952 – Božidar Maljković, Serbian basketball player and coach
45679April 20Birth1952 – Eric Pickles, English politician, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
45680April 20Birth1952 – J. Thiviyanathan, Sri Lankan lawyer and politician
45681April 20Birth1953 – Sebastian Faulks, English journalist and author
45682April 20Birth1953 – Carrie Mae Weems, American photographer
45683April 20Birth1954 – Gilles Lupien, Canadian ice hockey player and agent
45684April 20Birth1954 – Myles Munroe, Bahamian pastor and author (d. 2014)
45685April 20Birth1955 – Donald Pettit, American engineer and astronaut
45686April 20Birth1956 – Beatrice Ask, Swedish politician, Swedish Minister for Justice
45687April 20Birth1956 – Kakha Bendukidze, Georgian economist and politician, Georgian Minister of Economy (d. 2014)
45688April 20Birth1957 – Geraint Wyn Davies, Welsh-Canadian actor, director, and producer
45689April 20Birth1957 – Graeme Fowler, English cricketer, coach, and sportscaster
45690April 20Birth1957 – Bryan Illerbrun, Canadian football player (d. 2013)

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