Today in History, English
Today in History, English

47491April 24Death2014 – Ray Musto, American soldier and politician (b. 1929)
47492April 24Death2014 – Sister Ping, Chinese criminal (b. 1949)
47493April 24Death2014 – Shobha Nagi Reddy, Indian politician (b. 1968)
47494April 24Death2014 – Tadeusz Różewicz, Polish poet and playwright (b. 1921)
47495April 24Death2015 – Władysław Bartoszewski, Polish journalist and politician, Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs (b. 1922)
47496April 24Death2015 – Ken Birch, English footballer and manager (b. 1933)
47497April 24Death2015 – Thomas Joseph Connolly, American bishop (b. 1922)
47498April 24Death2015 – Rustum Ghazaleh, Syrian general (b. 1953)
47499April 24Death2015 – Michael Mustill, Baron Mustill, English lawyer and judge (b. 1931)
47500April 24Death2015 – George C. Young, American lawyer and judge (b. 1916)
47501April 24Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Ecgberht of RiponFidelis of SigmaringenJohann Walter (Lutheran)MellitusPeter of Saint Joseph BetancurSt Mark's EveWilfrid (Church of England)April 24 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
47502April 24Holiday and observanceConcord Day (Niger)
47503April 24Holiday and observanceDemocracy Day (Nepal)
47504April 24Holiday and observanceEarliest day on which National Arbor Day can fall, while April 30 is the latest celebrated on the last Friday in April. (United States)
47505April 24Holiday and observanceEarliest day on which Turkmen Racing Horse Festival can fall, while April 30 is the latest celebrated on the last Sunday in April. (Turkmenistan)
47506April 24Holiday and observanceGenocide Remembrance Day (Armenia, Episcopal Church (USA))
47507April 24Holiday and observanceKapyong Day (Australia)
47508April 24Holiday and observanceNational Panchayati Raj Day (India)
47509April 24Holiday and observanceRepublic Day (The Gambia)
47510April 24Holiday and observanceWorld Day for Laboratory Animals
47511April 25Event404 BC – Peloponnesian War: Lysander's Spartan armies defeated the Athenians and the war ends.
47512April 25Event775 – The Battle of Bagrevand puts an end to an Armenian rebellion against the Abbasid Caliphate. Muslim control over Transcaucasia is solidified and its Islamization begins, while several major Armenian nakharar families lose power and their remnants fle
47513April 25Event799 – After mistreatment and disfigurement by the citizens of Rome, pope Leo III flees to the Frankish court of king Charlemagne at Paderborn for protection.
47514April 25Event1134 – The name Zagreb was mentioned for the first time in the Felician Charter relating to the establishment of the Zagreb Bishopric around 1094.
47515April 25Event1607 – Eighty Years' War: The Dutch fleet destroys the anchored Spanish fleet at Gibraltar.
47516April 25Event1644 – The Chongzhen Emperor, the last Emperor of Ming dynasty China, commits suicide during a peasant rebellion led by Li Zicheng.
47517April 25Event1707 – A coalition of England, the Netherlands and Portugal is defeated by a Franco-Spanish army at Almansa (Spain) in the War of the Spanish Succession.
47518April 25Event1792 – Highwayman Nicolas J. Pelletier becomes the first person executed by guillotine.
47519April 25Event1792 – "La Marseillaise" (the French national anthem) is composed by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle.
47520April 25Event1804 – The western Georgian kingdom of Imereti accepts the suzerainty of the Russian Empire

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