Today in History, English
Today in History, English

48091April 26Birth1942 – Michael Kergin, Canadian diplomat, Canadian Ambassador to the United States
48092April 26Birth1942 – Bobby Rydell, American singer and actor
48093April 26Birth1942 – Jadwiga Staniszkis, Polish sociologist, political scientist, and academic
48094April 26Birth1943 – Gary Wright, American singer-songwriter, keyboard player, and producer (Spooky Tooth)
48095April 26Birth1943 – Peter Zumthor, Swiss architect and academic, designed the Therme Vals
48096April 26Birth1944 – Richard Bradshaw, English conductor (d. 2007)
48097April 26Birth1944 – Roger Coulam, English keyboard player (Blue Mink)
48098April 26Birth1944 – Amien Rais, Indonesian scholar and politician
48099April 26Birth1945 – Howard Davies, English director and producer
48100April 26Birth1945 – Dick Johnson, Australian race car driver
48101April 26Birth1945 – Sylvain Simard, Canadian academic and politician
48102April 26Birth1946 – Ralph Coates, English footballer (d. 2010)
48103April 26Birth1946 – Marilyn Nelson, American poet and author
48104April 26Birth1947 – Warren Clarke, English actor, director, and producer (d. 2014)
48105April 26Birth1949 – Carlos Bianchi, Argentinian footballer and manager
48106April 26Birth1949 – Jerry Blackwell, American wrestler (d. 1995)
48107April 26Birth1949 – Dominic Sena, American director and screenwriter
48108April 26Birth1951 – John Battle, English politician
48109April 26Birth1952 – Spice Williams-Crosby, American actress and stuntwoman
48110April 26Birth1953 – Nancy Lenehan, American actress
48111April 26Birth1953 – David Reddaway, Canadian-English diplomat, British High Commissioner to Canada
48112April 26Birth1953 – Moushumi Chatterjee, Indian actress
48113April 26Birth1953 – Linda Thompson, American lawyer and theorist
48114April 26Birth1954 – Tatyana Fomina, Estonian chess player
48115April 26Birth1954 – Alan Hinkes, English mountaineer and explorer
48116April 26Birth1954 – Chito S. Roño, Filipino director and screenwriter
48117April 26Birth1955 – Kurt Bodewig, German politician
48118April 26Birth1955 – Mike Scott, American baseball player
48119April 26Birth1956 – Koo Stark, American actress and photographer
48120April 26Birth1957 – Michel Barrette, Canadian comedian and actor

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