Today in History, English
Today in History, English

50011May.01Birth1850 – Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (d. 1942)
50012May.01Birth1851 – Laza Lazarević, Serbian psychiatrist and neurologist (d. 1891)
50013May.01Birth1852 – Calamity Jane, American scout (d. 1903)
50014May.01Birth1852 – Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Spanish neuroscientist and pathologist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1934)
50015May.01Birth1853 – Jacob Mikhailovich Gordin, Ukrainian-American journalist, actor, and playwright (d. 1909)
50016May.01Birth1855 – Cecilia Beaux, American painter and academic (d. 1942)
50017May.01Birth1857 – Theo van Gogh, Dutch art dealer (d. 1891)
50018May.01Birth1859 – Jacqueline Comerre-Paton, French painter and sculptor (d. 1955)
50019May.01Birth1862 – Marcel Prévost, French author and playwright (d. 1941)
50020May.01Birth1864 – Anna Jarvis, American founder of Mother's Day (d. 1948)
50021May.01Birth1871 – Seakle Greijdanus, Dutch theologian and scholar (d. 1948)
50022May.01Birth1872 – Sidónio Pais, Portuguese soldier and politician, 4th President of Portugal (d. 1918)
50023May.01Birth1872 – Harry Leon Wilson, American author and playwright (d. 1939)
50024May.01Birth1874 – Romaine Brooks, American-French painter and illustrator (d. 1970)
50025May.01Birth1874 – Paul Van Asbroeck, Belgian target shooter (d. 1959)
50026May.01Birth1875 – Dave Hall, American runner (d. 1972)
50027May.01Birth1881 – John Svanberg, Swedish runner (d. 1957)
50028May.01Birth1881 – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French-American priest, palaeontologist, and philosopher (d. 1955)
50029May.01Birth1884 – Francis Curzon, 5th Earl Howe, English race car driver and politician (d. 1964)
50030May.01Birth1885 – Clément Pansaers, Belgian poet (d. 1922)
50031May.01Birth1885 – Ralph Stackpole, American sculptor and painter (d. 1973)
50032May.01Birth1887 – Alan Cunningham, Irish-English general and diplomat, High Commissioners for Palestine and Transjordan (d. 1983)
50033May.01Birth1887 – Kurt Vespermann, Polish-German actor (d. 1957)
50034May.01Birth1896 – Herbert Backe, Georgian-German agronomist and politician (d. 1947)
50035May.01Birth1896 – Mark W. Clark, American general (d. 1984)
50036May.01Birth1896 – J. Lawton Collins, American general (d. 1987)
50037May.01Birth1898 – Alfred Schmidt, Estonian weightlifter (d. 1972)
50038May.01Birth1900 – Ignazio Silone, Italian journalist and politician (d. 1978)
50039May.01Birth1900 – Aleksander Wat, Polish poet, writer, art theoretician and memorialist (d. 1967)
50040May.01Birth1901 – Sterling Allen Brown, American poet, academic, and critic (d. 1989)

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