Today in History, English
Today in History, English

50131May.01Birth1945 – Rita Coolidge, American singer-songwriter
50132May.01Birth1945 – Carson Whitsett, American keyboard player, songwriter, and producer (The Imperial Show Band and Booker T. & the M.G.'s) (d. 2007)
50133May.01Birth1946 – Tõnu Lepik, Estonian long jumper
50134May.01Birth1946 – Joanna Lumley, English actress, voice-over artist, author and activist
50135May.01Birth1946 – John Woo, Hong Kong director, producer, and screenwriter
50136May.01Birth1946 – Paul S. Wright, English dentist and academic
50137May.01Birth1947 – Jacob Bekenstein, Mexican-born Israeli-American theoretical physicist (d. 2015)
50138May.01Birth1947 – Sergio Infante, Chilean-Swedish poet and author
50139May.01Birth1948 – Györgyi Balogh, Hungarian sprinter
50140May.01Birth1948 – Patricia Hill Collins, American sociologist and scholar
50141May.01Birth1948 – Conrad Palmisano, American stuntman and director
50142May.01Birth1949 – Jim Clench, Canadian bass player (April Wine and Bachman–Turner Overdrive) (d. 2010)
50143May.01Birth1949 – Joanna Hewitt, Australian public servant
50144May.01Birth1949 – Tim Hodgkinson, English saxophonist, clarinet player, and composer
50145May.01Birth1949 – Paul Teutul, Sr., American motorcycle designer, co-founded Orange County Choppers
50146May.01Birth1950 – John Diehl, American actor and producer
50147May.01Birth1950 – Dann Florek, American actor and director
50148May.01Birth1950 – Danny McGrain, Scottish footballer and coach
50149May.01Birth1950 – Marina Stepanova, Russian hurdler
50150May.01Birth1951 – Gordon Greenidge, Barbadian cricketer and coach
50151May.01Birth1951 – Geoff Lees, English race car driver
50152May.01Birth1951 – Sally Mann, American photographer
50153May.01Birth1951 – Antony Worrall Thompson, English chef and television host
50154May.01Birth1952 – Richard Blundell, English economist and academic
50155May.01Birth1952 – Kim Lewison, English lawyer and judge
50156May.01Birth1952 – Peter Smith, Malaysian-English academic and judge
50157May.01Birth1953 – Glen Ballard, American songwriter and producer
50158May.01Birth1953 – Naoya Uchida, Japanese voice actor, actor, and singer
50159May.01Birth1954 – Fred Chichin, French singer-songwriter and guitarist (Les Rita Mitsouko) (d. 2007)
50160May.01Birth1954 – Archie Norman, English businessman and politician

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