Today in History, English
Today in History, English

52600May.07Birth1956 – Calum MacDonald, Scottish journalist and politician
52601May.07Birth1957 – Hercules, American wrestler (d. 2004)
52602May.07Birth1957 – Ned Bellamy, American actor
52603May.07Birth1958 – Mikhail Biryukov, Russian footballer and manager
52604May.07Birth1958 – Mark G. Kuzyk, American physicist and academic
52605May.07Birth1958 – Anne Marie Rafferty, English nurse and academic
52606May.07Birth1959 – Michael E. Knight, American actor
52607May.07Birth1959 – Georgiy Kolnootchenko, Belarusian discus thrower
52608May.07Birth1959 – Heiki Valk, Estonian archeologist and academic
52609May.07Birth1959 – Barbara Yung, Hong Kong actress (d. 1985)
52610May.07Birth1960 – Adam Bernstein, American director and screenwriter
52611May.07Birth1960 – Ara Darzi, Baron Darzi of Denham, Iraqi-English surgeon and academic
52612May.07Birth1960 – Almudena Grandes, Spanish author
52613May.07Birth1961 – Hans-Peter Bartels, German politician
52614May.07Birth1961 – Sue Black, Scottish anthropologist and academic
52615May.07Birth1961 – Phil Campbell, Welsh guitarist and songwriter (Motörhead and Persian Risk)
52616May.07Birth1961 – Ivar Must, Estonian composer and producer
52617May.07Birth1962 – Tony Campbell, American basketball player and coach
52618May.07Birth1962 – Judith Donath, American computer scientist and academic
52619May.07Birth1962 – Dominik Moll, German-French director and screenwriter
52620May.07Birth1963 – Johnny Lee Middleton, American bass player and songwriter (Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
52591May.07Birth1955 – Florența Crăciunescu, Romanian discus thrower (d. 2008)
52592May.07Birth1955 – Clément Gignac, Canadian politician
52593May.07Birth1955 – Ben Poquette, American basketball player
52594May.07Birth1955 – Peter Reckell, American actor
52595May.07Birth1955 – Axel Zwingenberger, German pianist and songwriter
52596May.07Birth1956 – Jan Peter Balkenende, Dutch jurist and politician, Prime Minister of the Netherlands
52597May.07Birth1956 – Anne Dudley, English pianist and composer (Art of Noise)
52598May.07Birth1956 – Nicholas Hytner, English director and producer
52599May.07Birth1956 – Jean Lapierre, Canadian talk show host and politician

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