Today in History, English
Today in History, English

71461June 22Birth1956 – Ron Haslam, English motorcycle racer
71462June 22Birth1956 – Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Pakistani agriculturist and politician, 25th Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs
71463June 22Birth1956 – Tim Russ, American actor, director, and screenwriter
71464June 22Birth1956 – Manuel Saval, Mexican actor (d. 2009)
71465June 22Birth1956 – Markus Schatte, German footballer, manager, and coach
71466June 22Birth1956 – Derek Forbes, Scottish bass player and guitarist (Simple Minds, Big Country, and Ex-Simple Minds)
71467June 22Birth1957 – Kevin Bond, English footballer and manager
71468June 22Birth1957 – Danny Baker, English journalist and screenwriter
71469June 22Birth1957 – Garry Gary Beers, Australian bass player, songwriter, and producer (INXS and Absent Friends)
71470June 22Birth1957 – Michael Stratton, English geneticist and academic
71471June 22Birth1958 – Bruce Campbell, American actor, director, and producer
71472June 22Birth1958 – Jennifer Finney Boylan, American author and academic
71473June 22Birth1959 – Wayne Federman, American comedian, actor, and author
71474June 22Birth1959 – Michael Kinane, Irish jockey
71475June 22Birth1959 – Mike O'Meara, American radio host
71476June 22Birth1959 – Nicola Sirkis, French singer-songwriter and guitarist (Indochine)
71477June 22Birth1959 – Ed Viesturs, American mountaineer
71478June 22Birth1960 – Erin Brockovich, American lawyer and environmentalist
71479June 22Birth1960 – Catherine Disher, Canadian actress
71480June 22Birth1960 – Margrit Klinger, German runner
71481June 22Birth1960 – Tracy Pollan, American actress
71482June 22Birth1961 – Stephen Batchelor, English field hockey player and coach
71483June 22Birth1961 – Arabella Pollen, English fashion designer, journalist, and author
71484June 22Birth1961 – Jimmy Somerville, Scottish singer-songwriter (Bronski Beat and The Communards)
71485June 22Birth1962 – Stephen Chow, Hong Kong actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
71486June 22Birth1962 – Clyde Drexler, American basketball player and coach
71487June 22Birth1962 – Ain Evard, Estonian high jumper
71488June 22Birth1962 – Bobby Gillespie, Scottish singer-songwriter (Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and The Wake)
71489June 22Birth1962 – Gerald Hillringhaus, German footballer
71490June 22Birth1963 – Randy Couture, American mixed martial artist and actor

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