Today in History, English
Today in History, English

72001June 23Death2009 – Raymond Berthiaume, Canadian singer-songwriter and producer (b. 1931)
72002June 23Death2009 – John Callaway, American journalist (b. 1936)
72003June 23Death2009 – Hanne Hiob, German actress and screenwriter (b. 1923)
72004June 23Death2009 – Ed McMahon, American game show host and announcer (b. 1923)
72005June 23Death2009 – Jerri Nielsen, American physician and explorer (b. 1952)
72006June 23Death2009 – Manuel Saval, Mexican actor (b. 1956)
72007June 23Death2010 – John Burton, Australian public servant and diplomat (b. 1915)
72008June 23Death2010 – Pete Quaife, English bass player (The Kinks) (b. 1943)
72009June 23Death2011 – Peter Falk, American actor, singer, and producer (b. 1927)
72010June 23Death2011 – Dennis Marshall, Costa Rican footballer (b. 1985)
72011June 23Death2011 – Fred Steiner, American composer and conductor (b. 1923)
72012June 23Death2012 – Franz Crass, German singer and educator (b. 1928)
72013June 23Death2012 – Robin de La Lanne-Mirrlees, English soldier and author (b. 1925)
72014June 23Death2012 – James Durbin, English economist and statistician (b. 1923)
72015June 23Death2012 – Brigitte Engerer, French pianist and educator (b. 1952)
72016June 23Death2012 – Alan McDonald, Irish footballer and manager (b. 1963)
72017June 23Death2012 – Frank Chee Willeto, American soldier and politician, 4th Vice President of the Navajo Nation (b. 1925)
72018June 23Death2012 – Walter J. Zable, American football player and businessman, founded the Cubic Corporation (b. 1915)
72019June 23Death2013 – Bobby Bland, American singer-songwriter (b. 1930)
72020June 23Death2013 – Frank Kelso, American admiral and politician, United States Secretary of the Navy (b. 1933)
72021June 23Death2013 – Little Willie Littlefield, American-Dutch singer-songwriter and pianist (b. 1931)
72022June 23Death2013 – Kurt Leichtweiss, German mathematician and academic (b. 1927)
72023June 23Death2013 – Richard Matheson, American author and screenwriter (b. 1926)
72024June 23Death2013 – Darryl Read, English singer-songwriter, drummer (with Crushed Butler) and actor (b. 1951)
72025June 23Death2013 – Sharon Stouder, American swimmer (b. 1948)
72026June 23Death2014 – Małgorzata Braunek, Polish-German actress (b. 1947)
72027June 23Death2014 – Nancy Garden, American author (b. 1938)
72028June 23Death2014 – Euros Lewis, Welsh cricketer (b. 1942)
72029June 23Death2014 – Paula Kent Meehan, American businesswoman, co-founded Redken (b. 1931)
72030June 23Death2014 – Steve Viksten, American voice actor and screenwriter (b. 1960)

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