Today in History, English
Today in History, English

72856June 25Holiday and observanceStatehood Day (Virginia)
72857June 25Holiday and observanceTeacher's Day (Guatemala)
72858June 25Holiday and observanceWorld Vitiligo Day
72859June 26Event4 – Augustus adopts Tiberius.
72860June 26Event221 – Roman emperor Elagabalus adopts his cousin Alexander Severus as his heir and receives the title of Caesar.
72861June 26Event363 – Roman emperor Julian is killed during the retreat from the Sasanian Empire. General Jovian is proclaimed Emperor by the troops on the battlefield.
72862June 26Event687 – Pope Benedict II chosen.
72863June 26Event699 – En no Ozuno, a Japanese mystic and apothecary who will later be regarded as the founder of a folk religion Shugendō, is banished to Izu Ōshima.
72864June 26Event1243 – Mongols defeat the Seljuk Turks at the Battle of Köse Dağ.
72865June 26Event1295 – Przemysł II crowned king of Poland, following Ducal period. The white eagle is added to the Polish coat of arms.
72866June 26Event1407 – Ulrich von Jungingen becomes Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights.
72867June 26Event1409 – Western Schism: The Roman Catholic Church is led into a double schism as Petros Philargos is crowned Pope Alexander V after the Council of Pisa, joining Pope Gregory XII in Rome and Pope Benedict XII in Avignon.
72868June 26Event1460 – Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick, and Edward, Earl of March, land in England with a rebel army and march on London.
72869June 26Event1483 – Richard III becomes King of England.
72870June 26Event1522 – Ottomans begin the second Siege of Rhodes.
72841June 25Death2014 – Nigel Calder, English journalist, author, and screenwriter (b. 1931)
72842June 25Death2014 – Ana María Matute, Spanish author and academic (b. 1925)
72843June 25Death2014 – A. C. Murali Mohan, Indian actor (b. 1960)
72844June 25Death2014 – Paul Patterson, American neuroscientist and academic (b. 1943)
72845June 25Death2014 – Ivan Plyushch, Ukrainian agronomist and politician (b. 1941)
72846June 25Death2015 – Lou Butera, American pool player and actor (b. 1937)
72847June 25Death2015 – Patrick Macnee, English actor (b. 1922)
72848June 25Death2015 – Alejandro Romay, Argentinian businessman (b. 1927)
72849June 25Death2015 – Nerses Bedros XIX Tarmouni, Egyptian-Armenian patriarch (b. 1940)
72850June 25Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:David of MunktorpEurosiaPhilipp Melanchthon (Lutheran)Presentation of the Augsburg Confession (Lutheran)Prosper of AquitaineProsper of ReggioWilliam of MontevergineJune 25 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
72851June 25Holiday and observanceArbor Day (Philippines)
72852June 25Holiday and observanceIndependence Day (Mozambique)
72853June 25Holiday and observanceNational Catfish Day (United States)
72854June 25Holiday and observanceStatehood Day (Croatia)
72855June 25Holiday and observanceStatehood Day (Slovenia)

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