Today in History, English
Today in History, English

74971July 1Birth1906 – Jean Dieudonné, French mathematician and academic (d. 1992)
74972July 1Birth1906 – Estée Lauder, American businesswoman, co-founded the Estée Lauder Companies (d. 2004)
74973July 1Birth1907 – Norman Pirie, Scottish-English biochemist and virologist (d. 1997)
74974July 1Birth1907 – Bill Stern, American actor and sportscaster (d. 1971)
74975July 1Birth1908 – Peter Anders, German tenor and actor (d. 1954)
74976July 1Birth1909 – Emmett Toppino, American sprinter (d. 1971)
74977July 1Birth1910 – Glenn Hardin, American hurdler (d. 1975)
74978July 1Birth1911 – Arnold Alas, Estonian landscape architect and artist (d. 1990)
74979July 1Birth1911 – Sergey Sokolov, Russian marshal and politician, Soviet Minister of Defence (d. 2012)
74980July 1Birth1912 – David Brower, American environmentalist, founded Sierra Club Foundation (d. 2000)
74981July 1Birth1912 – Sally Kirkland, American journalist (d. 1989)
74982July 1Birth1913 – Frank Barrett, American baseball player (d. 1998)
74983July 1Birth1913 – Vasantrao Naik, Indian politician, 3rd Chief Minister of Maharashtra (d. 1979)
74984July 1Birth1914 – P. Kandiah, Ceylonese academic and politician (d. 1960)
74985July 1Birth1915 – Willie Dixon, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 1992)
74986July 1Birth1915 – Joseph Ransohoff, American soldier and neurosurgeon (d. 2001)
74987July 1Birth1915 – Jean Stafford, American author and academic (d. 1979)
74988July 1Birth1915 – Nguyễn Văn Linh, Vietnamese politician (d. 1998)
74989July 1Birth1916 – Olivia de Havilland, Japanese-American actress and singer
74990July 1Birth1916 – Iosif Shklovsky, Ukrainian astronomer and astrophysicist (d. 1985)
74991July 1Birth1916 – George C. Stoney, American director and producer (d. 2012)
74992July 1Birth1917 – Humphry Osmond, English-American lieutenant and psychiatrist (d. 2004)
74993July 1Birth1919 – Arnold Meri, Estonian colonel (d. 2009)
74994July 1Birth1920 – Henri Amouroux, French historian and journalist (d. 2007)
74995July 1Birth1920 – Harold Sakata, American wrestler and actor (d. 1982)
74996July 1Birth1921 – Seretse Khama, Batswana lawyer and politician, 1st President of Botswana (d. 1980)
74997July 1Birth1921 – Michalina Wisłocka, Polish gynecologist and sexologist (d. 2005)
74998July 1Birth1922 – Toshi Seeger, German-American activist, co-founded the Clearwater Festival (d. 2013)
74999July 1Birth1924 – Antoni Ramallets, Spanish footballer and manager (d. 2013)
75000July 1Birth1924 – Florence Stanley, American actress and director (d. 2003)

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