Today in History, English
Today in History, English

75781July 3Birth1932 – Richard Mellon Scaife, American businessman (d. 2014)
75782July 3Birth1933 – Edward Brandt, Jr., American physician and mathematician (d. 2007)
75783July 3Birth1935 – Cheo Feliciano, Puerto Rican singer-songwriter (Fania All-Stars) (d. 2014)
75784July 3Birth1935 – Harrison Schmitt, American geologist, astronaut, and politician
75785July 3Birth1936 – Anthony Lester, Baron Lester of Herne Hill, English lawyer and politician
75786July 3Birth1936 – Baard Owe, Norwegian-Danish actor
75787July 3Birth1937 – Nicholas Maxwell, English philosopher and academic
75788July 3Birth1937 – Tom Stoppard, Czech-English playwright and screenwriter
75789July 3Birth1938 – Jean Aitchison, English linguist and academic
75790July 3Birth1939 – Brigitte Fassbaender, German soprano and director
75791July 3Birth1939 – László Kovács, Hungarian politician and diplomat, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs
75792July 3Birth1939 – Coco Laboy, Puerto Rican baseball player
75793July 3Birth1940 – Lamar Alexander, American lawyer and politician, 5th United States Secretary of Education
75794July 3Birth1940 – Fontella Bass, American singer-songwriter (d. 2012)
75795July 3Birth1940 – Jerzy Buzek, Polish engineer and politician, 9th Prime Minister of Poland
75796July 3Birth1940 – César Tovar, Venezuelan baseball player (d. 1994)
75797July 3Birth1941 – Gloria Allred, American lawyer and activist
75798July 3Birth1942 – Eddy Mitchell, French singer-songwriter and actor (Les Chaussettes Noires)
75799July 3Birth1942 – Paco Stanley, Mexican actor (d. 1999)
75800July 3Birth1943 – Judith Durham, Australian singer-songwriter (The Seekers)
75801July 3Birth1943 – Kurtwood Smith, American actor
75802July 3Birth1944 – Michel Polnareff, French singer-songwriter
75803July 3Birth1945 – Michael Cole, American actor
75804July 3Birth1945 – Michael Martin, Baron Martin of Springburn, Scottish politician, Speaker of the House of Commons
75805July 3Birth1945 – Saharon Shelah, Israeli mathematician and academic
75806July 3Birth1946 – Johnny Lee, American singer and guitarist
75807July 3Birth1946 – Leszek Miller, Polish political scientist and politician, 10th Prime Minister of Poland
75808July 3Birth1946 – Michael Shea, American author (d. 2014)
75809July 3Birth1946 – Bolo Yeung, Hong Kong bodybuilder and actor
75810July 3Birth1947 – Dave Barry, American journalist and author

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