Today in History, English
Today in History, English

76214July 4Birth1948 – Jeremy Spencer, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Fleetwood Mac)
76215July 4Birth1950 – Philip Craven, English basketball player and swimmer
76216July 4Birth1950 – David Jensen, Canadian-English radio and television host
76217July 4Birth1950 – Tonio K, American singer-songwriter
76218July 4Birth1951 – Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, American lawyer and politician, 6th Lieutenant Governor of Maryland
76219July 4Birth1951 – Vladimir Tismăneanu, Romanian-American political scientist, sociologist, and academic
76220July 4Birth1952 – Paul Rogat Loeb, American author and activist
76221July 4Birth1952 – Álvaro Uribe, Colombian lawyer and politician, 39th President of Colombia
76222July 4Birth1952 – John Waite, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Babys and Bad English)
76223July 4Birth1953 – Francis Maude, English lawyer and politician, Minister for the Cabinet Office
76224July 4Birth1954 – Morganna, American model, actress, and dancer
76225July 4Birth1954 – Jim Beattie, American baseball player, coach, and manager
76226July 4Birth1957 – Rein Lang, Estonian politician and diplomat, 25th Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs
76227July 4Birth1957 – Jenny Seagrove, Malaysian-English actress, singer, and activist
76228July 4Birth1957 – Chulabhorn Walailak Thai princess
76229July 4Birth1958 – Steve Hartman, American sportscaster
76230July 4Birth1958 – Kirk Pengilly, Australian singer and guitarist (INXS)
76201July 4Birth1943 – Emerson Boozer, American football player and sportscaster
76202July 4Birth1943 – Adam Hart-Davis, English historian, author, and photographer
76203July 4Birth1943 – Geraldo Rivera, American lawyer, journalist, and author
76204July 4Birth1943 – Alan Wilson, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Canned Heat) (d. 1970)
76205July 4Birth1944 – Jaimy Gordon, American author and academic
76206July 4Birth1944 – Ray Meagher, Australian actor
76207July 4Birth1945 – Andre Spitzer, Romanian-Israeli fencer and coach (d. 1972)
76208July 4Birth1946 – Ron Kovic, American author and activist
76209July 4Birth1946 – Michael Milken, American businessman and philanthropist
76210July 4Birth1946 – Ed O'Ross, American actor
76211July 4Birth1947 – Lembit Ulfsak, Estonian actor and director
76212July 4Birth1948 – René Arnoux, French race car driver
76213July 4Birth1948 – Tommy Körberg, Swedish singer and actor

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