Today in History, English
Today in History, English

77341July 7Birth1933 – David McCullough, American historian and author
77342July 7Birth1933 – Bruce Wells, English boxer and actor (d. 2009)
77343July 7Birth1936 – Egbert Brieskorn, German mathematician and academic (d. 2013)
77344July 7Birth1936 – Jo Siffert, Swiss race car driver (d. 1971)
77345July 7Birth1936 – Nikos Xilouris, Greek singer-songwriter (d. 1980)
77346July 7Birth1937 – Tung Chee-hwa, Hong Kong businessman and politician, 1st Chief Executive of Hong Kong
77347July 7Birth1938 – James Montgomery Boice, American pastor and theologian, (d. 2000)
77348July 7Birth1939 – Elena Obraztsova, Russian soprano and actress (d. 2015)
77349July 7Birth1940 – Ringo Starr, English singer-songwriter, drummer, and actor (The Beatles, Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, and Plastic Ono Band)
77350July 7Birth1941 – Christopher Beeny, English actor
77351July 7Birth1941 – Marco Bollesan, Italian rugby player and coach
77352July 7Birth1941 – Nancy Farmer, American author
77353July 7Birth1941 – Michael Howard, Welsh lawyer and politician, Secretary of State for the Environment
77354July 7Birth1941 – Bill Oddie, English comedian, actor, and singer
77355July 7Birth1941 – Jim Rodford, English bass player (The Kinks, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Zombies, The Kast Off Kinks, and Argent)
77356July 7Birth1942 – Carmen Duncan, Australian actress
77357July 7Birth1943 – Toto Cutugno, Italian singer-songwriter
77358July 7Birth1943 – Joel Siegel, American journalist and critic (d. 2007)
77359July 7Birth1944 – Tony Jacklin, English golfer and sportscaster
77360July 7Birth1944 – Glenys Kinnock, Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead, English educator and politician, Minister of State for Europe
77361July 7Birth1944 – Emanuel Steward, American boxer and trainer (d. 2012)
77362July 7Birth1944 – Ian Wilmut, English-Scottish embryologist and academic
77363July 7Birth1945 – Michael Ancram, English lawyer and politician, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence
77364July 7Birth1945 – Adele Goldberg, American computer scientist and academic
77365July 7Birth1945 – Matti Salminen, Finnish actor and singer
77366July 7Birth1946 – Joe Spano, American actor
77367July 7Birth1947 – Víctor Manuel, Spanish singer-songwriter
77368July 7Birth1947 – Gyanendra of Nepal
77369July 7Birth1947 – Howard Rheingold, American author and critic
77370July 7Birth1948 – Jean Leclerc, Canadian actor

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