Today in History, English
Today in History, English

77701July 8Birth1955 – Monty Don, German-English television host
77702July 8Birth1955 – Mihaela Mitrache, Romanian actress (d. 2008)
77703July 8Birth1956 – Terry Puhl, Canadian baseball player and coach
77704July 8Birth1957 – Carlos Cavazo, Mexican-American guitarist and songwriter (Quiet Riot and Ratt)
77705July 8Birth1957 – Aleksandr Gurnov, Russian journalist and author
77706July 8Birth1958 – Kevin Bacon, American actor and singer (The Bacon Brothers)
77707July 8Birth1958 – Andreas Carlgren, Swedish educator and politician, 8th Swedish Minister for the Environment
77708July 8Birth1958 – Tzipi Livni, Israeli lawyer and politician, 18th Justice Minister of Israel
77709July 8Birth1958 – Neetu Singh, Indian actress and costume designer
77710July 8Birth1959 – Robert Knepper, American actor
77711July 8Birth1959 – Billy Kimball, American screenwriter and producer
77712July 8Birth1959 – Pauline Quirke, English actress and screenwriter
77713July 8Birth1960 – Mal Meninga, Australian rugby player and coach
77714July 8Birth1961 – Ces Drilon, Filipino journalist
77715July 8Birth1961 – Andrew Fletcher, English keyboard player (Depeche Mode)
77716July 8Birth1961 – Toby Keith, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actor
77717July 8Birth1961 – Karl Seglem, Norwegian saxophonist and record producer (Isglem)
77718July 8Birth1962 – Joan Osborne, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Dead and Trigger Hippy)
77719July 8Birth1963 – Mark Christopher, American director and screenwriter
77720July 8Birth1963 – Whilce Portacio, Filipino-American author and illustrator
77721July 8Birth1964 – Linda de Mol, Dutch actress and screenwriter
77722July 8Birth1964 – Alexei Gusarov, Russian ice hockey player and manager
77723July 8Birth1965 – Dan Levinson, American clarinet player, saxophonist, and bandleader
77724July 8Birth1965 – Lee Tergesen, American actor
77725July 8Birth1966 – Ralf Altmeyer, German-Chinese virologist and academic
77726July 8Birth1966 – Shadlog Bernicke, Nauruan politician
77727July 8Birth1966 – Suzanne Krull, American actress (d. 2013)
77728July 8Birth1966 – Mike Nawrocki, American voice actor, animator, producer, and screenwriter, co-founded Big Idea Entertainment
77729July 8Birth1967 – Jordan Chan, Hong Kong actor and singer
77730July 8Birth1968 – Billy Crudup, American actor and singer

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