Today in History, English
Today in History, English

78091July 9Birth1967 – Mark Stoops, American football player and coach
78092July 9Birth1968 – Paolo Di Canio, Italian footballer and manager
78093July 9Birth1968 – Lars Gyllenhaal, Swedish historian and author
78094July 9Birth1969 – Nicklas Barker, Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist (Anekdoten)
78095July 9Birth1969 – Jason Kearton, Australian footballer and coach
78096July 9Birth1969 – Mark Lui, Hong Kong singer-songwriter and producer (Dry)
78097July 9Birth1970 – Trent Green, American football player and sportscaster
78098July 9Birth1970 – Masami Tsuda, Japanese author and illustrator
78099July 9Birth1971 – Marc Andreessen, American software developer, co-founded Netscape
78100July 9Birth1971 – Scott Grimes, American singer-songwriter and actor
78101July 9Birth1972 – Ara Babajian, American drummer and songwriter (The Slackers, Leftöver Crack, and Star Fucking Hipsters)
78102July 9Birth1973 – Kelly Holcomb, American football player and sportscaster
78103July 9Birth1973 – Enrique Murciano, American actor and producer
78104July 9Birth1974 – Dani Behr, English singer and actress (Faith Hope & Charity)
78105July 9Birth1974 – Siân Berry, English environmentalist and politician
78106July 9Birth1974 – Ian Bradshaw, Barbadian cricketer
78107July 9Birth1974 – Gary Kelly, Irish footballer
78108July 9Birth1974 – Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Japanese actor and singer (SMAP)
78109July 9Birth1974 – Nikola Šarčević, Swedish singer-songwriter and bass player (Millencolin)
78110July 9Birth1975 – Shelton Benjamin, American wrestler
78111July 9Birth1975 – Isaac Brock, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Modest Mouse and Ugly Casanova)
78112July 9Birth1975 – Robert Koenig, American director, producer, and screenwriter
78113July 9Birth1975 – Nathaniel Marston, American actor
78114July 9Birth1975 – Craig Quinnell, Welsh rugby player
78115July 9Birth1975 – Jack White, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, and The Go)
78116July 9Birth1976 – Thomas Cichon, Polish-German footballer and manager
78117July 9Birth1976 – Revo Jõgisalu, Estonian rapper (Toe Tag) (d. 2011)
78118July 9Birth1976 – Fred Savage, American actor, director, and producer
78119July 9Birth1976 – Radike Samo, Fijian-Australian rugby player
78120July 9Birth1976 – Jochem Uytdehaage, Dutch speed skater

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