Today in History, English
Today in History, English

78391July 10Birth1920 – Owen Chamberlain, American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2006)
78392July 10Birth1921 – Harvey Ball, American illustrator, created the Smiley (d. 2001)
78393July 10Birth1921 – Jeff Donnell, American actress (d. 1988)
78394July 10Birth1921 – Jake LaMotta, American boxer and actor
78395July 10Birth1921 – Eunice Kennedy Shriver, American activist, co-founded the Special Olympics (d. 2009)
78396July 10Birth1922 – Jean Kerr, American author and playwright (d. 2003)
78397July 10Birth1922 – Herb McKenley, Jamaican sprinter (d. 2007)
78398July 10Birth1923 – John Bradley, American soldier (d. 1994)
78399July 10Birth1923 – Suzanne Cloutier, Canadian actress and producer (d. 2003)
78400July 10Birth1923 – G. A. Kulkarni, Indian author and academic (d. 1987)
78401July 10Birth1924 – Johnny Bach, American basketball player and coach
78402July 10Birth1924 – Bobo Brazil, American wrestler (d. 1998)
78403July 10Birth1925 – Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysian physician and politician, 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia
78404July 10Birth1926 – Fred Gwynne, American actor and singer (d. 1993)
78405July 10Birth1927 – Grigory Barenblatt, Russian mathematician and academic
78406July 10Birth1927 – David Dinkins, American soldier and politician, 106th Mayor of New York City
78407July 10Birth1928 – Bernard Buffet, French painter and illustrator (d. 1999)
78408July 10Birth1928 – Alejandro de Tomaso, Argentinian-Italian race car driver and businessman, founded De Tomaso (d. 2003)
78409July 10Birth1928 – Moshe Greenberg, American-Israeli rabbi and scholar (d. 2010)
78410July 10Birth1929 – Winnie Ewing, Scottish lawyer and politician
78411July 10Birth1929 – Moe Norman, Canadian golfer (d. 2004)
78412July 10Birth1930 – Bruce Boa, Canadian-English actor (d. 2004)
78413July 10Birth1930 – Susan Cummings, German-American actress
78414July 10Birth1930 – Josephine Veasey, English soprano and actress
78415July 10Birth1931 – Nick Adams, American actor and screenwriter (d. 1968)
78416July 10Birth1931 – Jerry Herman, American composer and songwriter
78417July 10Birth1931 – Julian May, American author
78418July 10Birth1931 – Alice Munro, Canadian short story writer, Nobel Prize laureate
78419July 10Birth1932 – Carlo Maria Abate, Italian race car driver
78420July 10Birth1933 – Jan DeGaetani, American soprano (d. 1989)

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