Today in History, English
Today in History, English

79201July 12Birth1930 – Gordon Pinsent, Canadian actor, director, and screenwriter
79202July 12Birth1930 – Irene Sutcliffe, English actress
79203July 12Birth1931 – Eric Ives, English historian and academic (d. 2012)
79204July 12Birth1931 – Geeto Mongol, Canadian-American wrestler and trainer (d. 2013)
79205July 12Birth1932 – Otis Davis, American sprinter
79206July 12Birth1933 – Victor Poor, American engineer, developed the Datapoint 2200 (d. 2012)
79207July 12Birth1933 – Donald E. Westlake, American author and screenwriter (d. 2008)
79208July 12Birth1934 – Van Cliburn, American pianist and composer (d. 2013)
79209July 12Birth1935 – Roy Barraclough, English actor
79210July 12Birth1935 – Satoshi Ōmura, Japanese biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
79211July 12Birth1937 – Bill Cosby, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
79212July 12Birth1937 – Mickey Edwards, American lawyer and politician
79213July 12Birth1937 – Lionel Jospin, French civil servant and politician, 165th Prime Minister of France
79214July 12Birth1937 – Michel Louvain, Canadian singer
79215July 12Birth1937 – Robert McFarlane, American colonel and diplomat, 13th United States National Security Advisor
79216July 12Birth1937 – Guy Woolfenden, English composer and conductor
79217July 12Birth1938 – Jaishankar, Indian actor (d. 2000)
79218July 12Birth1938 – Ron Fairly, American baseball player and sportscaster
79219July 12Birth1938 – Wieger Mensonides, Dutch swimmer
79220July 12Birth1939 – Phillip Adams, Australian journalist and producer
79221July 12Birth1941 – Benny Parsons, American race car driver and sportscaster (d. 2007)
79222July 12Birth1941 – Joseph Whipp, American actor
79223July 12Birth1942 – Roy Palmer, English cricketer and umpire
79224July 12Birth1942 – Billy Smith, Australian rugby player and coach
79225July 12Birth1942 – Tam White, Scottish singer and actor (d. 2010)
79226July 12Birth1943 – Christine McVie, English singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Fleetwood Mac and Chicken Shack)
79227July 12Birth1943 – Paul Silas, American basketball player and coach
79228July 12Birth1944 – Simon Blackburn, English philosopher and academic
79229July 12Birth1944 – Delia Ephron, American author, playwright, and screenwriter
79230July 12Birth1944 – Kent Finell, Swedish radio host (d. 2013)

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