Today in History, English
Today in History, English

79471July 12Death2014 – Nestor Basterretxea, Spanish painter and sculptor (b. 1924)
79472July 12Death2014 – Emil Bobu, Romanian politician (b. 1927)
79473July 12Death2014 – Alfred de Grazia, American political scientist and author (b. 1919)
79474July 12Death2014 – Kenneth J. Gray, American soldier and politician (b. 1924)
79475July 12Death2014 – Valeriya Novodvorskaya, Russian journalist and politician (b. 1950)
79476July 12Death2015 – D'Army Bailey, American lawyer, judge, and actor (b. 1941)
79477July 12Death2015 – Chenjerai Hove, Zimbabwean journalist, author, and poet (b. 1956)
79478July 12Death2015 – Javier Krahe, Spanish singer-songwriter (b. 1944)
79479July 12Death2015 – Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, Tibetan monk and activist (b. 1950)
79480July 12Death2015 – Cheng Siwei, Chinese engineer, economist, and politician (b. 1935)
79481July 12Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Blessed Louis Martin and Zélie Martin (parents of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux)Hermagoras and FortunatusJason of Tarsus (Catholic Church)John GualbertNabor and FelixNathan Söderblom (Lutheran, Episcopal Church (USA))VeronicaViventiolusJuly
79482July 12Holiday and observanceBirthday of the Heir to the Crown of Tonga (Tonga)
79483July 12Holiday and observanceIndependence Day, celebrates the independence of Kiribati from the United Kingdom in 1979.
79484July 12Holiday and observanceIndependence Day, celebrates the independence of São Tomé and Príncipe from Portugal in 1975.
79485July 12Holiday and observanceMalala Day
79486July 12Holiday and observanceThe second day of Naadam (Mongolia)
79487July 12Holiday and observanceThe Twelfth, also known as Orangemen's Day (Northern Ireland, Newfoundland and Labrador)
79488July 13Event1174 – William I of Scotland, a key rebel in the Revolt of 1173–74, is captured at Alnwick by forces loyal to Henry II of England.
79489July 13Event1249 – Coronation of Alexander III as King of Scots.
79490July 13Event1260 – The Livonian Order suffers its greatest defeat in the 13th century in the Battle of Durbe against the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
79491July 13Event1490 – John of Kastav finishes a cycle of frescoes in the Holy Trinity Church in Hrastovlje (now southwestern Slovenia).
79492July 13Event1558 – Battle of Gravelines: In France, Spanish forces led by Count Lamoral of Egmont defeat the French forces of Marshal Paul de Thermes at Gravelines.
79493July 13Event1573 – Eighty Years' War: The Siege of Haarlem ends after seven months.
79494July 13Event1643 – English Civil War: Battle of Roundway Down: In England, Henry Wilmot, 1st Earl of Rochester, commanding the Royalist forces, heavily defeats the Parliamentarian forces led by Sir William Waller.
79495July 13Event1787 – The Continental Congress enacts the Northwest Ordinance establishing governing rules for the Northwest Territory. It also establishes procedures for the admission of new states and limits the expansion of slavery.
79496July 13Event1793 – Journalist and French revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat is assassinated in his bathtub by Charlotte Corday, a member of the opposing political faction.
79497July 13Event1794 – The Battle of the Vosges is fought between French forces and those of Prussia and Austria.
79498July 13Event1814 – The Carabinieri, the national gendarmerie of Italy, is established.
79499July 13Event1830 – The General Assembly's Institution, now the Scottish Church College, one of the pioneering institutions that ushered the Bengali renaissance, is founded by Alexander Duff and Raja Ram Mohan Roy, in Calcutta, India.
79500July 13Event1854 – In the Battle of Guaymas, Mexico, General José María Yáñez stops the French invasion led by Count Gaston de Raousset-Boulbon.

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