Today in History, English
Today in History, English

81121July 17Birth1932 – Quino, Spanish-Argentinian cartoonist
81122July 17Birth1932 – Niccolò Castiglioni, Italian composer (d. 1996)
81123July 17Birth1932 – Johnny Kerr, American basketball player and coach (d. 2009)
81124July 17Birth1932 – Wojciech Kilar, Polish pianist and composer (d. 2013)
81125July 17Birth1932 – Karla Kuskin, American author and illustrator (d. 2009)
81126July 17Birth1932 – Hal Riney, American businessman, founded Publicis & Hal Riney (d. 2008)
81127July 17Birth1933 – Keiko Awaji, Japanese actress (d. 2014)
81128July 17Birth1933 – Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, Maltese politician, 9th Prime Minister of Malta
81129July 17Birth1933 – Tony Pithey, Zimbabwean-South African cricketer (d. 2006)
81130July 17Birth1935 – Diahann Carroll, American actress and singer
81131July 17Birth1935 – Peter Schickele, American composer and educator
81132July 17Birth1935 – Donald Sutherland, Canadian-American actor and producer
81133July 17Birth1938 – Hermann Huppen, Belgian author and illustrator
81134July 17Birth1939 – Andrée Champagne, Canadian actress and politician
81135July 17Birth1939 – Spencer Davis, Welsh singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Spencer Davis Group)
81136July 17Birth1939 – Ali Khamenei, Iranian cleric and politician, 2nd Supreme Leader of Iran
81137July 17Birth1940 – Tim Brooke-Taylor, English actor and screenwriter
81138July 17Birth1941 – Daryle Lamonica, American football player
81139July 17Birth1941 – Bob Taylor, English cricketer
81140July 17Birth1941 – Achim Warmbold, German race car driver and manager
81141July 17Birth1942 – Gale Garnett, New Zealand-Canadian singer and actress
81142July 17Birth1942 – Don Kessinger, American baseball player and manager
81143July 17Birth1942 – Connie Hawkins, American basketball player
81144July 17Birth1942 – Zoot Money, English singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Zoot Money's Big Roll Band, Dantalian's Chariot, and The Hard Travelers)
81145July 17Birth1943 – Conor Myles John O'Brien, 18th Baron Inchiquin
81146July 17Birth1943 – LaVyrle Spencer, American author and educator
81147July 17Birth1944 – Mark Burgess, New Zealand cricketer and footballer
81148July 17Birth1944 – Catherine Schell, Hungarian-English actress
81149July 17Birth1944 – Carlos Alberto Torres, Brazilian footballer and manager
81150July 17Birth1945 – Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia

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