Today in History, English
Today in History, English

83071July 22Birth2002 – Prince Felix of Denmark
83072July 22Birth2013 – Prince George of Cambridge
83073July 22Death1362 – Louis, Count of Gravina (b. 1324)
83074July 22Death1387 – Frans Ackerman, Flemish politician (b. 1330)
83075July 22Death1461 – Charles VII of France (b. 1403)
83076July 22Death1525 – Richard Wingfield, English courtier and diplomat, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (b. 1426)
83077July 22Death1540 – John Zápolya, Hungarian king (b. 1487)
83078July 22Death1619 – Lawrence of Brindisi, Italian priest and saint (b. 1559)
83079July 22Death1633 – Trijntje Keever, Dutch giant (b. 1616)
83080July 22Death1645 – Gaspar de Guzmán, Count-Duke of Olivares (b. 1587)
83081July 22Death1676 – Pope Clement X (b. 1590)
83082July 22Death1726 – Hugh Drysdale, English-American politician, Colonial Governor of Virginia
83083July 22Death1734 – Peter King, 1st Baron King, English lawyer and politician, Lord Chancellor of England (b. 1669)
83084July 22Death1789 – Joseph Foullon de Doué, French politician, Controller-General of Finances (b. 1715)
83085July 22Death1802 – Marie François Xavier Bichat, French anatomist and physiologist (b. 1771)
83086July 22Death1824 – Thomas Macnamara Russell, English admiral
83087July 22Death1826 – Giuseppe Piazzi, Italian mathematician and astronomer (b. 1746)
83088July 22Death1832 – Napoleon II, French emperor (b. 1811)
83089July 22Death1833 – Joseph Forlenze, Italian ophthalmologist and surgeon (b. 1757)
83090July 22Death1864 – James B. McPherson, American general (b. 1828)
83091July 22Death1869 – John A. Roebling, German-American engineer, designed the Brooklyn Bridge (b. 1806)
83092July 22Death1902 – Mieczysław Halka Ledóchowski, Polish cardinal (b. 1822)
83093July 22Death1903 – Cassius Marcellus Clay, American publisher, lawyer, and politician, United States Ambassador to Russia (b. 1810)
83094July 22Death1904 – Wilson Barrett, English actor and playwright (b. 1846)
83095July 22Death1906 – William Snodgrass, Canadian minister and academic (b. 1827)
83096July 22Death1908 – Randal Cremer, English politician, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1828)
83097July 22Death1915 – Sandford Fleming, Scottish-Canadian engineer and inventor, developed Standard time (b. 1827)
83098July 22Death1916 – James Whitcomb Riley, American poet and author (b. 1849)
83099July 22Death1918 – Indra Lal Roy, Indian lieutenant and pilot (b. 1898)
83100July 22Death1920 – William Kissam Vanderbilt, American businessman and horse breeder (b. 1849)

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