Today in History, English
Today in History, English

83956July 24Death2015 – Peg Lynch, American actress and screenwriter (b. 1916)
83957July 24Death2015 – Jim Mitchell, American captain, lawyer, and judge (b. 1946)
83958July 24Death2015 – Ingrid Sischy, South African-American journalist and critic (b. 1952)
83959July 24Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Charbel (Maronite Church / Catholic Church)Christina the AstonishingChristina of BolsenaDeclán of ArdmoreKinga of PolandMartyrs of DaimielJuly 24 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
83960July 24Holiday and observancePioneer Day (Utah) and its related observances
83961July 24Holiday and observanceSimón Bolívar Day (Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, and Bolivia)
83962July 24Holiday and observanceNavy Day (Venezuela)
83963July 24Holiday and observanceChildren's Day (Vanuatu)
83964July 25Event285 – Diocletian appoints Maximian as Caesar, co-ruler.
83965July 25Event306 – Constantine I is proclaimed Roman emperor by his troops.
83966July 25Event315 – The Arch of Constantine is completed near the Colosseum in Rome to commemorate Constantine I's victory over Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge.
83967July 25Event864 – The Edict of Pistres of Charles the Bald orders defensive measures against the Vikings.
83968July 25Event1137 – Eleanor of Aquitaine married Prince Louis, later King Louis VII of France, at the Cathedral of Saint-André in Bordeaux.
83969July 25Event1139 – Battle of Ourique: The Almoravids, led by Ali ibn Yusuf, are defeated by Prince Afonso Henriques who is proclaimed King of Portugal.
83970July 25Event1261 – The city of Constantinople is recaptured by Nicaean forces under the command of Alexios Strategopoulos, re-establishing the Byzantine Empire.
83941July 24Death2012 – Robert Ledley, American physiologist and physicist, invented the CT scanner (b. 1926)
83942July 24Death2012 – Themo Lobos, Chilean author and illustrator (b. 1928)
83943July 24Death2012 – John Atta Mills, Ghanaian lawyer and politician, 3rd President of Ghana (b. 1944)
83944July 24Death2012 – Gregorio Peces-Barba, Spanish jurist and politician (b. 1938)
83945July 24Death2013 – Garry Davis, American pilot and activist, created the World Passport (b. 1921)
83946July 24Death2013 – Fred Dretske, American philosopher and academic (b. 1932)
83947July 24Death2013 – Virginia E. Johnson, American psychologist and sexologist (b. 1925)
83948July 24Death2013 – Pius Langa, South African lawyer and jurist, 19th Chief Justice of South Africa (b. 1939)
83949July 24Death2013 – Chiwoniso Maraire, Zimbabwean singer-songwriter (b. 1976)
83950July 24Death2013 – Donald Symington, American actor (b. 1925)
83951July 24Death2014 – Ik-Hwan Bae, South Korean-American violinist and educator (b. 1956)
83952July 24Death2014 – Yoo Chae-yeong, South Korean-American singer-songwriter and actress (b. 1973)
83953July 24Death2014 – Christian Falk, Swedish singer-songwriter and bass player (Imperiet) (b. 1962)
83954July 24Death2014 – Dale Schlueter, American basketball player (b. 1945)
83955July 24Death2014 – Hans-Hermann Sprado, German journalist and author (b. 1956)

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