Today in History, English
Today in History, English

84961July 27Birth1947 – Kazuyoshi Miura, Japanese businessman (d. 2008)
84962July 27Birth1948 – Peggy Fleming, American figure skater and sportscaster
84963July 27Birth1948 – James Munby, English lawyer and judge
84964July 27Birth1948 – Pavlos Sidiropoulos, Greek singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1990)
84965July 27Birth1948 – Betty Thomas, American actress, director, and producer
84966July 27Birth1948 – Henny Vrienten, Dutch singer-songwriter and bass player (Doe Maar)
84967July 27Birth1949 – Maury Chaykin, American-Canadian actor (d. 2010)
84968July 27Birth1949 – André Dupont, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
84969July 27Birth1949 – Susan Gordon, American actress (d. 2011)
84970July 27Birth1949 – Rory MacDonald, Scottish singer-songwriter and bass player (Runrig and The Band from Rockall)
84971July 27Birth1949 – Maureen McGovern, American singer and actress
84972July 27Birth1949 – Robert Rankin, English author and illustrator
84973July 27Birth1950 – Simon Jones, English actor
84974July 27Birth1951 – Roseanna Cunningham, Scottish lawyer and politician, Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs
84975July 27Birth1951 – Bob Diamond, American-English banker and businessman
84976July 27Birth1951 – Rolf Thung, Dutch tennis player
84977July 27Birth1952 – Marvin Barnes, American basketball player (d. 2014)
84978July 27Birth1952 – Hannu-Pekka Hänninen, Finnish sportscaster
84979July 27Birth1952 – Roxanne Hart, American actress
84980July 27Birth1953 – Chung Dong-young, South Korean journalist and politician, 31st South Korean Minister of Unification
84981July 27Birth1953 – Yahoo Serious, Australian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
84982July 27Birth1954 – Philippe Alliot, French race car driver and sportscaster
84983July 27Birth1954 – G. S. Bali, Indian lawyer and politician
84984July 27Birth1954 – Ricardo Uceda, Peruvian journalist and author
84985July 27Birth1955 – Cat Bauer, American journalist, author, and playwright
84986July 27Birth1955 – Allan Border, Australian cricketer and coach
84987July 27Birth1955 – John Howell, English journalist and politician
84988July 27Birth1955 – Bobby Rondinelli, American drummer (Blue Öyster Cult, Rainbow, Quiet Riot and Black Sabbath)
84989July 27Birth1956 – Carol Leifer, American actress, producer, and screenwriter
84990July 27Birth1957 – Bill Engvall, American comedian, actor, and producer

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