Today in History, English
Today in History, English

85441July 28Death1794 – Maximilien Robespierre, French lawyer and politician, 2nd President of the Committee of Public Safety (b. 1758)
85442July 28Death1794 – Louis Antoine de Saint-Just, French soldier and politician (b. 1767)
85443July 28Death1808 – Selim III, Ottoman sultan (b. 1761)
85444July 28Death1809 – Richard Beckett, English cricketer and captain (b.1772)
85445July 28Death1818 – Gaspard Monge, French mathematician and engineer (b. 1746)
85446July 28Death1835 – Édouard Mortier, duc de Trévise, French general and politician, 15th Prime Minister of France (b. 1768)
85447July 28Death1836 – Nathan Mayer Rothschild, German-English banker and financier (b. 1777)
85448July 28Death1842 – Clemens Brentano, German author and poet (b. 1778)
85449July 28Death1844 – Joseph Bonaparte, French brother of Napoleon (b. 1768)
85450July 28Death1849 – Charles Albert of Sardinia (b. 1798)
85451July 28Death1869 – Jan Evangelista Purkyně, Czech anatomist and physiologist (b. 1787)
85452July 28Death1878 – George Law Curry, American publisher and politician (b. 1820)
85453July 28Death1895 – Edward Beecher, American minister and theologian (b. 1803)
85454July 28Death1930 – John DeWitt, American hammer thrower (b. 1881)
85455July 28Death1930 – Allvar Gullstrand, Swedish ophthalmologist and optician, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1862)
85456July 28Death1933 – Nishinoumi Kajirō III, Japanese sumo wrestler, 30th yokozuna (b. 1890)
85457July 28Death1934 – Marie Dressler, Canadian-American actress and singer (b. 1868)
85458July 28Death1934 – Louis Tancred, South African cricketer and pilot (b. 1876)
85459July 28Death1935 – Meletius IV of Constantinople (b. 1871)
85460July 28Death1942 – Flinders Petrie, English archaeologist and academic (b. 1853)
85461July 28Death1957 – Edith Abbott, American economist, social worker, and educator (b. 1876)
85462July 28Death1957 – Isaac Heinemann, German-Israeli scholar and academic (b. 1876)
85463July 28Death1965 – Edogawa Ranpo, Japanese author and critic (b. 1894)
85464July 28Death1965 – Attallah Suheimat, Jordanian politician (b. 1875)
85465July 28Death1967 – Karl W. Richter, American lieutenant and pilot (b. 1942)
85466July 28Death1968 – Otto Hahn, German chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1879)
85467July 28Death1969 – Ramón Grau, Cuban physician and politician, 6th President of Cuba (b. 1882)
85468July 28Death1969 – Frank Loesser, American composer (b. 1910)
85469July 28Death1971 – Lawrence Moore Cosgrave, Canadian colonel and diplomat (b. 1890)
85470July 28Death1971 – Myril Hoag, American baseball player (b. 1908)

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