Today in History, English
Today in History, English

85501July 28Death2009 – Jim Johnson, American football player and coach (b. 1941)
85502July 28Death2011 – Abdul Fatah Younis, Libyan general (b. 1944)
85503July 28Death2012 – Colin Horsley, New Zealand-English pianist and educator (b. 1920)
85504July 28Death2012 – Sepp Mayerl, Austrian mountaineer (b. 1937)
85505July 28Death2012 – William F. Milliken Jr., American race car driver and engineer (b. 1911)
85506July 28Death2013 – Mustafa Adrisi, Ugandan general and politician, 3rd Vice President of Uganda (b. 1922)
85507July 28Death2013 – Eileen Brennan, American actress and singer (b. 1932)
85508July 28Death2013 – Rita Reys, Dutch singer (b. 1924)
85509July 28Death2013 – William Scranton, American captain and politician, 13th United States Ambassador to the United Nations (b. 1917)
85510July 28Death2013 – Ersilio Tonini, Italian cardinal (b. 1914)
85511July 28Death2014 – Margot Adler, American journalist and author (b. 1946)
85512July 28Death2014 – Alex Forbes, Scottish footballer and manager (b. 1925)
85513July 28Death2014 – Alakbar Mammadov, Azerbaijani footballer and manager (b. 1930)
85514July 28Death2014 – James Shigeta, American actor and singer (b. 1929)
85515July 28Death2014 – Theodore Van Kirk, American soldier, pilot, and navigator (b. 1921)
85516July 28Death2015 – Jan Kulczyk, Polish businessman (b. 1950)
85517July 28Death2015 – Edward Natapei, Vanuatuan politician, 6th Prime Minister of Vanuatu (b. 1954)
85518July 28Death2015 – Clive Rice, South African cricketer and coach (b. 1949)
85519July 28Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Alphonsa Muttathupadathu (Syro-Malabar Catholic Church)Nazarius and CelsusPedro Poveda CastroverdeJuly 28 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
85520July 28Holiday and observanceJohann Sebastian Bach, George Frederick Handel, Henry Purcell (Episcopal Church commemoration)
85521July 28Holiday and observanceJohann Sebastian Bach, Heinrich Schütz, George Frederick Handel (Lutheran commemoration)
85522July 28Holiday and observanceDay of Commemoration of the Great Upheaval (Canada)
85523July 28Holiday and observanceFiestas Patrias, celebrates the independence of Peru from Spain by General José de San Martín in 1821.
85524July 28Holiday and observanceLiberation Day (San Marino)
85525July 28Holiday and observanceÓlavsøka Eve (Faroe Islands)
85526July 28Holiday and observanceWorld Hepatitis Day (International)
85527July 29Event238 – The Praetorian Guard storm the palace and capture Pupienus and Balbinus. They are dragged through the streets of Rome and executed. On the same day, Gordian III, age 13, is proclaimed emperor.
85528July 29Event615 – Pakal ascends the throne of Palenque at the age of 12.
85529July 29Event904 – Sack of Thessalonica: Saracen raiders under Leo of Tripoli sack Thessaloniki, the Byzantine Empire's second-largest city, after a short siege, and plunder it for a week.
85530July 29Event1014 – Byzantine–Bulgarian wars: Battle of Kleidion: Byzantine emperor Basil II inflicts a decisive defeat on the Bulgarian army, and his subsequent treatment of 15,000 prisoners reportedly causes Tsar Samuil of Bulgaria to die of a heart attack less than

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