Today in History, English
Today in History, English

86431July 31Birth1954 – Derek Smith, Canadian ice hockey player
86432July 31Birth1955 – Jakie Quartz, French singer
86433July 31Birth1956 – Michael Biehn, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
86434July 31Birth1956 – Bill Callahan, American football player and coach
86435July 31Birth1956 – Mark Arden, English actor and screenwriter
86436July 31Birth1956 – Ernie Dingo, Australian actor and television host
86437July 31Birth1956 – Ron Kuby, American lawyer and radio host
86438July 31Birth1956 – Deval Patrick, American lawyer and politician, 71st Governor of Massachusetts
86439July 31Birth1956 – Lynne Rae Perkins, American author and illustrator
86440July 31Birth1957 – Daniel Ash, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, and Tones on Tail)
86441July 31Birth1957 – Jane Bennett, American sociologist, theorist, and academic
86442July 31Birth1957 – Dirk Blocker, American actor
86443July 31Birth1957 – Leon Durham, American baseball player and actor
86444July 31Birth1957 – Shan Goshorn, American photographer
86445July 31Birth1957 – Mark Thompson, English businessman
86446July 31Birth1958 – Bill Berry, American singer-songwriter and drummer (R.E.M. and Hindu Love Gods)
86447July 31Birth1958 – Mark Cuban, American businessman and actor
86448July 31Birth1958 – Wally Kurth, American actor and singer
86449July 31Birth1959 – Stanley Jordan, American guitarist, pianist, and songwriter
86450July 31Birth1959 – Andrew Marr, Scottish journalist and author
86451July 31Birth1959 – Peter Senior, Australian golfer
86452July 31Birth1960 – Dale Hunter, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
86453July 31Birth1960 – Malcolm Ross, Scottish guitarist and songwriter (Josef K and Orange Juice)
86454July 31Birth1961 – Frank Gardner, English captain and journalist
86455July 31Birth1962 – John Chiang, American lawyer and politician, 31st California State Controller
86456July 31Birth1962 – Kevin Greene, American football player and coach
86457July 31Birth1962 – John Laurinaitis, American wrestler and producer
86458July 31Birth1962 – Wesley Snipes, American martial artist, actor, and producer
86459July 31Birth1963 – Fergus Henderson, English chef and author
86460July 31Birth1963 – Brian Skrudland, Canadian ice hockey player and coach

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