Today in History, English
Today in History, English

87301August 2Birth1948 – Dennis Prager, American radio host and author
87302August 2Birth1948 – James Street, American football and baseball player (d. 2013)
87303August 2Birth1948 – Snoo Wilson, English playwright and screenwriter (d. 2013)
87304August 2Birth1949 – James Fallows, American journalist and author
87305August 2Birth1949 – Bertalan Farkas, Hungarian general and astronaut
87306August 2Birth1950 – Jussi Adler-Olsen, Danish author and publisher
87307August 2Birth1950 – Kathryn Harrold, American actress
87308August 2Birth1950 – Lance Ito, American lawyer and judge
87309August 2Birth1950 – Sue Rodriguez, Canadian activist (d. 1994)
87310August 2Birth1951 – Andrew Gold, American singer-songwriter and producer (Wax) (d. 2011)
87311August 2Birth1951 – Steve Hillage, English guitarist (Uriel, Gong, Khan, and System 7)
87312August 2Birth1951 – Joe Lynn Turner, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Fandango, Brazen Abbot, and Hughes Turner Project)
87313August 2Birth1951 – Freddie Wadling, Swedish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (Leather Nun and Blue for Two)
87314August 2Birth1951 – Per Westerberg, Swedish businessman and politician, Speaker of the Parliament of Sweden
87315August 2Birth1953 – Marjo, Canadian singer-songwriter (Corbeau)
87316August 2Birth1953 – Donnie Munro, Scottish singer and guitarist (Runrig)
87317August 2Birth1953 – Butch Patrick, American actor and singer
87318August 2Birth1953 – Anthony Seldon, English historian and author
87319August 2Birth1954 – James Charles Kopp, American murderer
87320August 2Birth1954 – Ken MacLeod, Scottish blogger and author
87321August 2Birth1954 – Sammy McIlroy, Irish footballer and manager
87322August 2Birth1955 – Caleb Carr, American historian and author
87323August 2Birth1955 – Tim Dunigan, American actor
87324August 2Birth1955 – Tony Godden, English footballer and manager
87325August 2Birth1956 – Fulvio Melia, Italian-American physicist, astrophysicist, and author
87326August 2Birth1956 – Isabel Pantoja, Spanish singer and actress
87327August 2Birth1957 – Farhat Basir Khan, Indian photographer and academic
87328August 2Birth1957 – Mojo Nixon, American singer-songwriter
87329August 2Birth1957 – Butch Vig, American drummer, songwriter, and producer (Garbage and Spooner)
87330August 2Birth1958 – Arshad Ayub, Indian cricketer and manager

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