Today in History, English
Today in History, English

89311August 7Birth1961 – Walter Swinburn, English jockey and trainer
89312August 7Birth1961 – Maggie Wheeler, American actress
89313August 7Birth1962 – Alison Brown, American banjo player, songwriter, and producer (Northern Lights)
89314August 7Birth1962 – Bruno Pelletier, Canadian singer and actor
89315August 7Birth1962 – Alain Robert, French rock climber
89316August 7Birth1963 – Paul Dunn, Australian rugby player
89317August 7Birth1963 – Nick Gillespie, American journalist and author
89318August 7Birth1963 – Hiroaki Hirata, Japanese voice actor
89319August 7Birth1963 – Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, American son of John F. Kennedy (d. 1963)
89320August 7Birth1963 – Harold Perrineau, American actor and producer
89321August 7Birth1963 – Marcus Roberts, American pianist and educator
89322August 7Birth1964 – John Birmingham, English-Australian journalist and author
89323August 7Birth1964 – Peter Niven, Scottish jockey
89324August 7Birth1966 – David Cairns, Scottish laicised priest and politician, Minister of State for Scotland (d. 2011)
89325August 7Birth1966 – Shobna Gulati, English actress and dancer
89326August 7Birth1966 – Kristin Hersh, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave)
89327August 7Birth1966 – Jimmy Wales, American businessman, co-founded Wikipedia
89328August 7Birth1967 – Jason Grimsley, American baseball player
89329August 7Birth1968 – Big Mello, American rapper (Screwed Up Click) (d. 2002)
89330August 7Birth1968 – Francesca Gregorini, Italian-American director and screenwriter
89331August 7Birth1968 – Trevor Hendy, Australian surfer and coach
89332August 7Birth1968 – Lynn Strait, American singer-songwriter (Snot) (d. 1998)
89333August 7Birth1969 – Paul Lambert, Scottish footballer and manager
89334August 7Birth1970 – Eric Namesnik, American swimmer (d. 2006)
89335August 7Birth1971 – Dominic Cork, England cricketer and sportscaster
89336August 7Birth1971 – Sydney Penny, American actress and producer
89337August 7Birth1971 – Rachel York, American actress and singer
89338August 7Birth1972 – Brad Patton, Australian-Dutch porn actor
89339August 7Birth1972 – Gerry Peñalosa, Filipino boxer and promoter
89340August 7Birth1972 – Greg Serano, American actor

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