Today in History, English
Today in History, English

90901August 11Birth1967 – Joe Rogan, American comedian, actor, and television host
90902August 11Birth1967 – Petter Wettre, Norwegian saxophonist and composer
90903August 11Birth1968 – Anna Gunn, American actress
90904August 11Birth1968 – Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau
90905August 11Birth1968 – Sophie Okonedo, British actress
90906August 11Birth1968 – Charlie Sexton, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Arc Angels)
90907August 11Birth1968 – Noordin Mohammad Top, Malaysian terrorist (d. 2009)
90908August 11Birth1969 – Ashley Jensen, Scottish actress
90909August 11Birth1969 – Toomas Kivisild, Estonian geneticist and academic
90910August 11Birth1970 – Dirk Hannemann, German footballer and manager
90911August 11Birth1970 – Ali Shaheed Muhammad, American rapper and producer (A Tribe Called Quest, The Ummah, and Lucy Pearl)
90912August 11Birth1970 – Teresa Pavlinek, Canadian actress, producer, and screenwriter
90913August 11Birth1971 – Alejandra Barros, Mexican actress and screenwriter
90914August 11Birth1971 – Julie Clarke, American model and actress
90915August 11Birth1971 – Tommy Mooney, English footballer
90916August 11Birth1972 – Jonathon Prandi, American model and actor
90917August 11Birth1973 – Nigel Harman, English actor
90918August 11Birth1973 – Carolyn Murphy, American model and actress
90919August 11Birth1974 – Marie-France Dubreuil, Canadian figure skater
90920August 11Birth1974 – Anju Jain, Indian cricketer and coach
90921August 11Birth1974 – Kira Kener, American porn actress
90922August 11Birth1974 – Chris Messina, American actor and producer
90923August 11Birth1974 – Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., American singer
90924August 11Birth1974 – Audrey Mestre, French biologist and diver (d. 2002)
90925August 11Birth1975 – Chris Cummings, Canadian singer-songwriter
90926August 11Birth1975 – Kishou Taniyama, Japanese voice actor and singer (Granrodeo)
90927August 11Birth1975 – Davey von Bohlen, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Cap'n Jazz, The Promise Ring, Maritime, and Vermont)
90928August 11Birth1976 – Iván Córdoba, Colombian footballer and manager
90929August 11Birth1976 – Bubba Crosby, American baseball player
90930August 11Birth1976 – Will Friedle, American actor and screenwriter

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