Today in History, English
Today in History, English

91231August 12Birth1941 – Réjean Ducharme, Canadian author and playwright
91232August 12Birth1941 – Dana Ivey, American actress
91233August 12Birth1941 – Deborah Walley, American actress and singer (d. 2001)
91234August 12Birth1942 – Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, German physician and author
91235August 12Birth1943 – Deborah Walley, American actress and singer (d. 2001)
91236August 12Birth1945 – Dorothy E. Denning, American computer scientist and academic
91237August 12Birth1945 – Ron Mael, American keyboard player and songwriter (Sparks and Halfnelson)
91238August 12Birth1946 – Terry Nutkins, English television host and author (d. 2012)
91239August 12Birth1948 – Siddaramaiah, Indian lawyer and politician, 22nd Chief Minister of Karnataka
91240August 12Birth1948 – Sue Monk Kidd, American nurse, author, and educator
91241August 12Birth1948 – Graham J. Zellick, English academic and jurist
91242August 12Birth1949 – Panagiotis Chinofotis, Greek admiral and politician
91243August 12Birth1949 – Mark Knopfler, Scottish-English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Dire Straits and The Notting Hillbillies)
91244August 12Birth1949 – Lou Martin, Northern Irish pianist, songwriter, and producer (d. 2012)
91245August 12Birth1949 – Alex Naumik, Lithuanian-Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2013)
91246August 12Birth1949 – Rick Ridgeway, American mountaineer and photographer
91247August 12Birth1950 – Jim Beaver, American actor, director, and screenwriter
91248August 12Birth1951 – Willie Horton, American murderer
91249August 12Birth1952 – Chen Kaige, Chinese actor, director, and screenwriter
91250August 12Birth1952 – Kalevi Kull, Estonian biologist and academic
91251August 12Birth1954 – Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong businessman and politician, 3rd Chief Executive of Hong Kong
91252August 12Birth1954 – Ibolya Dávid, Hungarian lawyer and politician, Minister of Justice of Hungary
91253August 12Birth1954 – François Hollande, French lawyer and politician, 24th President of France
91254August 12Birth1954 – Sam J. Jones, American actor
91255August 12Birth1954 – Pat Metheny, American guitarist and songwriter (Pat Metheny Group)
91256August 12Birth1955 – Ann M. Martin, American author
91257August 12Birth1955 – Heintje Simons, Dutch singer and actor
91258August 12Birth1955 – Terry Taylor, American wrestler and trainer
91259August 12Birth1956 – Lee Freedman, Australian horse trainer
91260August 12Birth1956 – Bruce Greenwood, Canadian actor and producer

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